Snacking with Lunchbox Pals

I’m hungry all the time. I’m not talking a little bit, like crazy hungry all the time. I attribute this to breastfeeding a newborn and a toddler, and just being a crazy busy mum with an on the go lifestyle. I need snacks. All of them. All the time.


So anyway I was super excited when Lunchbox Pals offered to send me their “Healthy Mums Pack” subscription box for a review. Their boxes are full of healthy snack foods, that taste naughty but are actually good for you! Perfect for mums like me that wish they were snacking healthily but perhaps are not…… *puts down the donut*

Each box has a month’s worth of snacks in it; here was what I got in my February box.


Here’s how it work:

  • You choose your subscriptions box. There’s a healthy mums one or a healthy kids one too.
  • For the kids one you can also choose dietary requirement to suit them/their school (nut free/gluten free or both)
  • Then just sit it on your bench and grab and go as you need a quick snack


That label went into a bit more detail about each of the foods which was a good overview for what I wanted and when.


It was so handy having snacks foods for out and about. Just this month has seen me visiting countless playgrounds, the hot springs, going swimming, catching up with friends, late nights snacking on the couch and even sneaky nap time snacks that I don’t have to share!


So what did I think? I freaking loved it!

I’m not a fussy eater so I enjoyed everything on offer in the box. There was a good mix of sweet and savoury and only one type of snack that I had tried before…these epic beans!


I liked the convenience of not getting stuck just having the same flavour of muesli bar day after day, and similarly not having to buy a heap of different snacks just to store them all in the pantry at once (and exercise huge amounts of self control not to eat them all immediately).

The snacks within the Healthy Mums Pack varied greatly in size too, so that was handy for days that I anticipated needing big or little snacks. Again, this was much better than a stock standard one size fits all muesli bar, I could choose from a small “cookie” to a whole bag of “chips”.


What else do you need to know? Well each subscription box is $34.99 and you can get 20% off your first order with the code FIRST20 which brings it down to $27.99. It is a monthly subscription that you can cancel or change at anytime to suit your needs.

Honestly, treat yourself. How often do we search labels to buy the best for our kids and put ourselves second? This is an excellent product put together by boss mum Krystal and I can’t wait to try the kids box in the future as I bet my daughter would love it.

For more info, grab and cuppa and a snack and check out Lunchbox Pals on Facebook.

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Disclaimer: I was gifted this delicious box of goodies but all the opinions are my own.


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