Clip ‘n Climb Berwick 39-51 Intrepid St, Berwick VIC 3806 Man, indoor rock climbing has come a long way in the past decade. I was trying to remember the last time I went, I think it was back in high school (over fifteen years ago), when the walls were greyish with primary coloured rocks jutting out of them…… Continue reading Clip ‘n Climb Berwick

Little Shop of Horrors Costumery: Potions Class 6/1 Watt rd. Mornington, Vic Down in Mornington, tucked away, is a secret entrance to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ordinary muggles might, at first glance, mistake this for a costume shop, but those who possess magically abilities can walk into the Room of Requirement and find that they have been transported right into a Hogwarts classroom! My…… Continue reading Little Shop of Horrors Costumery: Potions Class

Melbourne’s Guide to where Kids Eat and Play FREE!

I like eating out, but we don’t eat out for dinner very often; sometimes it is just in the too hard basket. But as my child gets older, and my friend’s children start to enter kinder and school our catch up opportunities really diminish. So… we do dinner! Sure, a home cooked meal is nice,…… Continue reading Melbourne’s Guide to where Kids Eat and Play FREE!

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne 1000 Ballarto Rd, Cranbourne VIC The Cranbourne Botanic Gardens are one of our favourite places to visit; in fact we probably go there every fortnight or so, especially in Summer. It is a pretty big place, and this review certainly won’t be covering EVERY single child friendly element, but simply the bits that I think are…… Continue reading Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Travelling with Trunki Sometimes we adventure just for the coffee, but other times we enjoy weekends away or even holidays! Years ago (long before becoming a parent) I discovered Trunki luggage. I instantly fell in love with the concept and cuteness of this childrens’ travel trunk, and knew one day I would own it…well at least my…… Continue reading Travelling with Trunki