Factory 4 & 5,
1 Watt Road,
Mornington, Vic

Totsville is the new play space that can be found out at The Messy Shed in Mornington. It is an interactive play village, designed for pre-schoolers who love a bit of pretend play. It has only just officially opened, so I was really excited to go and check it out.


There are six main play areas; catering for a really great variety of interests and providing many different activities to enjoy.

The first stop is the Post Office. Here you can buy a stamp, post a letter, weigh your packages, or even load up your trolley.


Next door to the Post Office you’ll find Messy Station, complete with train and ticket booth….and super cute tickets. Missy Moo doesn’t really understand what tickets are for, but really enjoyed driving the train shouting “tickets please” at everyone.


Once you hop off the train you’ll arrive at a busy construction site! Complete with real tools (keep your eyes on enthusiastic toddler apprentices), hard hats, bricks, a wrecking ball and toddler sized high visibility vests this area was popular, and one of the most interactive.


Construction too noisy for you? How about a spot of fishing on the pirate boat? There’s lifejackets, pirate vests, eye patches, fishing rods, fish and three steering wheels on the boat plus an extra one in the shack (woo hoo!).


See that sneaky dog up there? I think perhaps he might be trying to escape the Vet Clinic next door. With an x-ray machine, scales (which my daughter interpreted as a bath), cones of shame, treats, animals, bowls and stethoscopes perhaps that stray dog had his eyes set on the high seas instead or major surgery?

IMG_7917 (2)IMG_7908IMG_7907

Lastly we finish our Totsville tour with a visit to The Totsville Café; a place where the food is wooden, the coffee is pretend, and the service is erratic and enthusiastic. The Café included little chef’s hats and aprons, as well as a coffee machine, a multitude of fake food, a cash register and a few plates and cups etc. There is also nearby seating for all the willing parent customers.


So that’s Totsville…a beautiful little village. There are plenty of things to play with within the play space so your child is unlikely to get bored during their session. I love the inclusion of dress ups and we both LOVED the vet station.


Here’s a quick video to sum it all up….


  • $10 for a 1 hour play session (50 minutes play, 10 minutes cleaning up)
  • $15 for Totsville combined with the play centre
  • $20 for a messy play session at The Messy Shed (same facility), play centre and visit Totsville

For more info about The Messy Shed component click here.

Afterwards we finished up with an epic babychino from the onsite café for only $1…sprinkles, two marshmallows (one swiftly eaten), and a bit of chocolate on the top! Yum.

Love our pink keepcups!

We had a great time at Totsville and I’m sure your children will too. Check them out on Facebook for more details and to book in.


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