7 tips for surviving The Big Freeze Festival


352 Princes Hwy,
Fountain Gate VIC

So we went to The Big Freeze Festival yesterday, and it was great. I could spend this post telling you all about the fun we had and the activities available, but instead here’s my survival guide to getting the most out of your session. If you do want to read more about the festival itself click here to read one of my previous posts that covers all that jazz.

So here’s what I think you need to know to chill out and enjoy your day:

  • Prams are totally fine to bring along!
    The entrance to get into the Big Freeze is a little bumpy, but once you are in you’ll have no trouble manoeuvring your pram. I found it really handy as a dry place to dump our stuff, especially with extra jackets, hats, gloves etc.
  • You won’t need ski gear, so don’t stress if you don’t have it. Dress for a cold and wet day at the playground and you’ll be right. Missy Moo was dressed in leggings, shorts, gumboots, singlet, turtleneck long sleeved top, a hoodie and a hat. She was totally fine. For the snow activity I put her in a snow suit, but in hindsight our standard waterproof onesie that we use for wet weather play would have been fine.
Loving these Aldi gumboots… #missymoosshoes
  • You can BYO food and drink, in fact I would encourage you to. There’s a coffee stand in the centre of the facility but the food is only at the main entrance so it’s unlikely you’ll want to go there and snack during your 2.5 hour session. However, the food area also has a live stage, so you’re welcome to get your lunch at the start/end of your session and stay for a bit longer to watch the show.
  • AND there’s lots of free hot milos and free fruit too (was mandarins and apples when we visited). These are provided by sponsors Nestle/Milo and Aussie Farmers Direct. Yay, I love free!


  • Pack extra socks for everyone; not double layered socks, spare dry socks. Two of the activities involved children (and potentially adults) removing their shoes. Unfortunately where the activity ends is not the same place as where you put your shoes, so you will need to walk back through a squelchy wet path….your socks WILL get wet! If you have another adult, or your children don’t require assistance, make sure you carry their shoes to the end of the activities, but if they do it a bunch of times that would be annoying…just pack more socks. The two activities I am talking about are the inflatable slide, and the inflatable obstacle course.
Inflatable slide…this is a short walk in wet socks, only about three metres. Definitely carryable
This one is a much longer walk in wet socks, they will be drenched by the time you find your shoes.
  • When your session ends, that’s it, time to leave the main arena. For us, we dawdled throughout our session and only really did about half of the activities (six children, three mums, multiple toilet trips and a snack break).  Keep an eye on the time and make sure you do you favourite activities first in case you run out of time.
  • If you want to get entry a little cheaper, download the Small Ideas app. It’ll cost you $22 for the app, but will save you 15% (on top of any other discounts you can use later with it). Do the math, might almost pay itself off.

So that’s it, have fun embracing snow in the suburbs. If you want to book click here and if you go, please tag @anyday adventures and show off all the fun you are having!

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