Vjunior Cinemas (Fountain Gate)


352 Princes Hwy,
Narre Warren VIC

Hooray, a second Vjunior cinema has finally opened. Vjunior Southland opened a while ago and is excellent so I was keen to check out the new one at Fountain Gate to see what it was like in comparison. Read all about Vjunior Southland here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Vjunior is essentially a special kid’s cinema experience…think “Gold Class for kids”. There’s a special foyer with entertainment to enjoy before the movie, kid’s movies (obviously), comfy child friendly seats, intermission, less ads pre film, a slide and an interactive dance floor!

Take a look…

While waiting for our film there were a few activities for the kids to enjoy. The most exciting of which, I think, is the Hot Wheels tracks. There are three tracks to play on, and at a good height that even a short toddler could enjoy them.


There’s also a colouring in area and a scanner activity in the foyer. For this kids would colour in a particular picture (eg. race car), then get their photo scanned by a Vjunior staff member. As if by magic their special car will be uploaded onto the big screen in the foyer and the kids can watch their cars zoom by. It’s pretty cool!


Megablocks have a nice big wall of blocks too, which is probably the most appropriate activity for younger kids, but fun for all ages.


Lastly in the waiting area is a Barbie photo booth complete with pink barbie jumpsuits and blue hot wheels ones (on left of photo). Unfortunately there are no mum sized costumes…

19578891_10154695588530983_651658186_o (2).jpg

Now we’re ready for the movie! Don’t forget to grab some food before you go in…


Missy Moo had the sausage rolls today…but probably enjoyed her popcorn a bit more. I tried them though…they were yummy! Our friend had the chicken and that looked good too.


Time for the movie! There are three choices of seats when you go to Vjunior that you select when you book; standard movie chairs, “beanbag” chairs, and recliners. At Southland the beanbag chairs are actually made out of beanbags, but at Fountain Gate they are more like mini sofas. Of the three I definitely recommend the yellow beanbag chairs. They are low to the ground (and you can stretch your legs out straight too) and seem really safe for kids to climb in and out of. With the red recliners don’t be fooled by their “recliner” title, they don’t recline any further than what you see below.

Note: We went on opening night so every seat had a little gift on it…that’s not the norm (sorry)

19576870_10154695588295983_1788825054_o (2)
Red recliners at the front, yellow “beanbag” chairs in the middle and standard seating up the back.

The slide is super fun, but only open before the movie and during intermission. It is staffed to ensure it stays safe and kids are going down one at a time. The slide is locked during the time the movie is showing.

Photo from Southland…but the slide is the same size as Fountain Gate.

Intermission is a great addition to Vjunior, and as a parent, probably my favourite feature. We had enough time to walk to the toilets, walk back, get a snack, and find our seats with a few minutes to spare…perfect!

Adults $25
Child (age 3-14) $19
Under 3 are free provided they sit on your lap (or there’s a spare seat)
Concession $21.50
Senior Citizen $16
Student $21.50

Want to get it cheaper? Double date!
Vrewards Family of 3 Pass (2 adults, 1 child or 1 adult, 2 children) $54, save $15!
Vrewards Family of 4 Pass (2 adults, 2 child or 1 adult, 3 children) $67, save $21!


Overall we had a great time at Vjunior. If you only take your kids to the cinema once or twice a year, then I’d pay the extra and make it a really special outing for them.

For more info on Vjunior head over to Village to find out more.

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