Our World Adventure – Brazil

As the days blurs into weeks, and the weeks blur into months we find ourselves finishing up our fourth country visit for our world adventure. We’ve now been to Australia, Greenland, Russia and Brazil; and really enjoying the process. With at least five more weeks of planned stage 4 lock down for Melbourne I don’t…… Continue reading Our World Adventure – Brazil

Grover: 50 years on the street

Can you believe Sesame Street is up to it’s 50th season? Unbelievable. Over the weekend a special star studded 50th Anniversary Celebration was released to mark the occasion, with the official first episode of season 50 airing this Wednesday on ABC kids at 9:30am. The new season begun with Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, a…… Continue reading Grover: 50 years on the street

Winter School Holidays 2020

Well what a wacky term two that was! We’re officially halfway through 2020 and up to school holidays again. Personally I found it quite tricky to write a holiday guide this time around; just everything seems such a mess and inclined to change at a moment’s notice. So, I asked you guys what you wanted,…… Continue reading Winter School Holidays 2020

School Holiday Guide: Isolation Style

It’s School Holidays; no really it is! We’ve been isolating for about 2 weeks now, and honestly have no idea what day it is. It feels a little like those days between Christmas and New years, except with less cheer, booze and family around. Anywho despite none of us going anywhere I felt compelled to…… Continue reading School Holiday Guide: Isolation Style