Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience So if you have a child under 5 years old chances are you heard about the new Peppa Pig Movie? With the longest ever movie title “Peppa Pig: My first cinema experience. Peppa’s Australian Holiday”. Well, we went and saw it so I thought I’d tell you guys how we got on. Disclaimer: I…… Continue reading Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience

Sunny Ridge (share your adventure) 244 Shands rd, Main Ridge Vic 3928 This shared adventure comes from Melbourne mum of one Natalie. Nat is a stay at home mum who was living in the UK when she fell pregnant with her daughter. She went on to have her daughter Tiff in London, before deciding Australia was the place she wanted to raise…… Continue reading Sunny Ridge (share your adventure)

Seville Water Play Park 20-28 Monbulk-Seville Road,  Seville, VIC  3139 A hidden treasure up in the hills is the Seville Water Play Park. If you haven’t heard of this gem, you really have to visit. You see, the water park is an old converted town swimming pool that was filled in and made amazing! It is free, open 24 hours…… Continue reading Seville Water Play Park

Play School Concert – Prince of Bears While many other children’s TV shows will come and go, one stands alone as the epitome of Australian Children’s television…Play School. Broadcasting for over 50 years on the ABC, Play School is the longest running Aussie kids TV show by a mile. I loved watching the show as I grew up, and it is lovely to spend that time watching Play School…… Continue reading Play School Concert – Prince of Bears

Bushwalking with a wheelchair (Share your adventure)

This week I’m sharing Bron’s adventure with you all. Bron is a mum and a blogger down on the Mornington Peninsula who writes Smiths Holiday Road. It is a blog about travels with 3 kids and a wheelchair. I met her recently and was keen to share one of her adventures, as adventuring with a wheelchair…… Continue reading Bushwalking with a wheelchair (Share your adventure)

Fun with Firefighters We went to the Thomastown session, but there are quite a few choices in Melbourne. Who doesn’t love a ride in a fire engine? Missy Moo and I went on a playdate with our friend Caz and her fire engine obsessed son C to the Fire Safety Demonstration in Thomastown, and we completely had…… Continue reading Fun with Firefighters

Trueman Reserve Playground

Bradman Drive, Cranbourne West, Vic This brand new park is an absolute winner! It is hidden within another Cranbourne housing estate (they’re on a roll this week), and I’m sure will soon become very popular with locals in the City or Casey, and perhaps even popular enough to draw visitors from all over Melbourne. This park…… Continue reading Trueman Reserve Playground