Winter School Holidays 2020

Well what a wacky term two that was! We’re officially halfway through 2020 and up to school holidays again. Personally I found it quite tricky to write a holiday guide this time around; just everything seems such a mess and inclined to change at a moment’s notice. So, I asked you guys what you wanted,…… Continue reading Winter School Holidays 2020

Remindables for Back to School It’s back to school and back to kinder time; rushed mornings, lunchbox prep and general routine routine routine….or maybe that’s just me. In the morning I’d love Missy Moo to have a bit of independence in getting ready; both to help her take responsibility for herself, and also to (potentially) score me 5 more…… Continue reading Remindables for Back to School

Funtopia Carrum Downs 586 Frankston Dandenong Road, Carrum Downs VIC A-Mazing! We got invited along to a special sneak peak at Funtopia Carrum Downs today and I must say, mind blown! What a fantastic new playcentre to hit Melbourne’s South. This playcentre is on steroids. So firstly our sneak peak session lasted 3 hours, and I think…… Continue reading Funtopia Carrum Downs

Spring School Holiday Guide 2019

Yay it is School Holiday time! Here’s the categories… something for each day… FREE: Zilch, zip, nada. This activity has no charge associated. FIVER: Anything that costs more than $0 up to $10 per child/person FANCY: Maybe choose one or two of these activities for special treats. They will cost you at least $10 each.…… Continue reading Spring School Holiday Guide 2019