Wonderland at ACMI

https://www.acmi.net.au/events/wonderland/ Wonderland is wonderful! Lewis Caroll’s story of Alice in Wonderland has been told and retold through the ages, and now ACMI are hosting “Wonderland”; an exhibit about all things Alice. Though for me the Disney version is the Wonderland with which I am most familiar, this is just one of over forty versions of…… Continue reading Wonderland at ACMI

Croc’s Playcentre Lyndhurst

https://www.crocsplaycentre.com.au/lyndhurst/ 5/97 Monash Dr, Lyndhurst VIC 3975 Love Croc’s.. just love them! We recently went out to Croc’s Playcentre in Lyndhurst and had a great time! There were quite a few things to love about this play space; so let’s break it down. Very Open Plan. This is one of those playcentres where you can…… Continue reading Croc’s Playcentre Lyndhurst

Tesselaar KaBloom

http://www.kabloom.com.au/ 357 Monbulk Rd, Silvan 3795 The ever popular Tesselaar Tulip Festival has a new Autumn cousin… Tesselaar KaBloom! Literally KaBloom is everything you love about the Tulip Fest, except… well… the tulips! This is the first year KaBloom is running so I was keen to check it out. There were flowers, entertainers, yummy food,…… Continue reading Tesselaar KaBloom

My Top Five “Small Ideas” Adventures!

https://smallideas.com.au/ I talk about Small Ideas a lot on this blog; because I simply love it. If you haven’t heard of it before or are not really sure what it is all about let me break it down for you. Small Ideas is an online membership (although it does come as a physical book version…… Continue reading My Top Five “Small Ideas” Adventures!