The Winter Village

So today we headed out to The Winter Village for their brunch and ice skating package.

I haven’t gone ice skating in forever, and none of our kids have ever been.

The price was good at $35 for adults and $22 for kids which included 45 minutes of ice skating, skate hire, helmets for the kids, and brunch served in our own private igloo.

So firstly… it took us ages to find the place. It’s at Fed Square but poorly signed and we walked the long way around. I’ve marked it on the map so you’ll have more luck 👌

Checking in was simple and no issues getting skates etc.

The rink itself is pretty small and at times felt crowded. You certainly could not get up much speed or anything due to the amount of people and how small it was.

There were little kangaroo things that you could hire for $5 each. We were told there were none left available but then on the rink were maybe 8 that were abandoned so we used one anyway worked great!!

Both girls had a go of actually skating as well as pushing or sitting on the blue kangaroo.

Then onto brunch!

We were shown to our private igloo which was comfy but super hot! Today was so nice and sunny our igloo was too warm. But it’s Melbourne… tomorrow it’ll probably be freezing.

Now the brunch meals were a bit odd..

There was an advertised menu of waffles, icecreams and burgers for adults,  drinks of hot chocolate, juice or beer/wine.

For kids though they could only choose nuggets and chips, fish and chips, burger and chips or “the vegetarian thing”… he didn’t elaborate

I asked….

“Can the kids have icecream and waffles?”


“Do the kids get a drink?”

“Only juice or soft drink”

“No hot chocolate?”

“No, only juice or soft drink”

So that was all a bit odd.

We ordered 2 x nugget meals and 2 x waffles and figured we’d share. All the food was really fast and good!

The hot chocolates were 🤮

We suspected the milk was boiled and curdled.. they didn’t look yum, they tasted thick and with “bits”. We stole some of the kids juice.

Dont zoom 🤮

Then… onto FREE face painting! A nice surprise. Both kids happy!

We overall had a really fun experience!

So if you are going or plan to go to The Winter Village allow plenty of extra time to find the place and get your skates organised etc and don’t order the hot chocolate… next time I’m choosing 🍷

The Winter Village is open until August 29th in Melbourne. It is free to wander through and eat but to skate or book an igloo pre booking is highly recommended.

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