Our World Adventure – Democratic Republic of Congo

For our second last week of our big trip we headed to the Democratic Republic of Congo, or DR Congo for short. Another country I knew absolutely nothing about, but our first time in Africa.

On reading a little bit about DR Congo, I learnt it was very rich in gemstones, diamonds and gold. I thought it would be fun to make “diamonds” with the girls, they turned out great. The best part was we grew this diamond in only about 5 hours, so was fun to keep checking on it throughout the day.

Head here for the video (it’s so sparkly) and to get the instructions to make it.

We also learned that DR Congo was the only place that the Okapi is found…. it’s a type of animal if you didn’t know. A little similar to a giraffe but with stripes like a zebra.

First we watched these two videos:

After that we used this giraffe printable to make our own Okapi. Missy Moo particularly enjoyed learning it had a really big tongue (although not quite as big as her drawing, lol).

On Wednesday, as usual, we did some international cooking! We learnt that DR Congo uses peanuts a lot in their recipes and found this chicken peanut soup that looked promising.

It kinda tastes like chicken satay in soup form. It was nice, and both kids ate it so that’s a win. You can find more pics and the recipe here.

On Thursday we danced! I actually had other plans for the day but Missy Moo specifically asked about “dancing in the Congo” so it was time for a change of plan. After all, it is her world trip too.

We watched these two videos and she really got into it! You can see her dance moves here.

This first video is a performance. Fun to watch but hard to dance along to.

This second video is a tutorial. Great pace for Missy Moo, she really enjoyed this one.

For our last day of travelling to Africa it was actually 27 degrees in Melbourne, not a great day to stay inside learning and crafting.

Instead we made a quick flag to add to our collection and then went to get icecream… because that how I roll sometimes #noregrets

I have found throughout this world trip that the countries I know the least about have been almost the best challenges. Letting me get a bit creative, and also learning knew things for both of us. Now off on our last adventure… Iceland!

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