Our World Adventure – India

Week 11 of our world trip and perhaps we might be nearing the end? Restrictions might be starting to ease in the coming weeks and school and kinder recommencing. Exciting times!!

But for now, India!

First stop was the Elephant Festival held annually in Jaipur, India. We did a quick google image search of the Elephant Festival to see all the elephants dressed up in their costumes. You know the type…

After looking at lots of photos for inspiration we made our own elephants using milk cartons. Was such fun!

Now, India is actually the first destination of our world trip that I chose. The reason? I thought she’d get a kick out of putting henna on my pregnant belly. You know what, she totally did!

After she had a good turn on my belly I did her hands. I bought 2 tubes of henna, but we only ended up using about half of one. So we will play another day.

On Wednesday we generally cook, helps to break up all the craft. This week we made an Indian dessert called Carrot Halwa. Here’s the ingredients, I was skeptical.

So yeah, carrots and condensed milk…. hmmm…. Here’s the recipe we used.

And truthfully, it was actually really yummy. It tasted of Indian spices and flavours and would be perfect after a curry dinner.

Check out my Facebook post about how we made it and more pics.

On Thursday it was time to visit the Taj Mahal, the most famous building in India.

Firstly we watched this video

Then (with lots of pausing) we had a crack at a learn to draw the Taj Mahal tutorial.

We only watched the first half, as after that it got a bit too detailed with shading etc, which we didn’t need.

Here’s how we did:

Missy Moo said it was a sunny, muddy day in India.

For our final day in India we had fun with some Bollywood dancing. My 2yo especially enjoyed this tutorial and did it a bunch of times.

They both also enjoyed this one, for all the bright dresses and costumes.

We had a really fun week in India, and our henna is still going strong! Next up the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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