Our World Adventure – Ecuador

Just after an easy week in the USA, just like that I’m out of my depth again and we’re landing in Ecuador…. another country I know nothing about.

But nevertheless, this little trip is a good time for both of us to learn something new. I quickly learnt that the Galápagos Islands were part of Ecuador and also home to the biggest tortoises in the world!

We tend to make our Monday activity based on the reason Missy Moo chose to visit the particular country; so it was tortoises on Monday for us.

I thought we might do some sewing and make a plush tortoise, just for fun. Missy Moo likes to use the sewing machine, but we don’t sew together very often. But she loved it.

We traced this pattern and then kind of just winged it. Worked out ok!

On Tuesday we explored the world of volcanos, which continued to dominate our time in Ecuador. We started watching a few Youtube videos about volcanos then proceeded to make our own.

So we had a couple of parts to this activity and step one was volcano construction, we opted to use salt dough. You can find more info from the original post here. Was a fun and messy sensory activity for the girls. Our volcano took about 24 hours to air dry.

On Wednesday it was time to cook up a storm! Llapingachos! These are essentially potato and cheese patties… how could you go wrong? Carbs plus cheese… delicious!

I would highly recommend giving these a go. Easy and yummy. Read the original post here.

Thursday we were back to the volcano again, this time to paint it!

On Friday it was flag day, and of course time to make the volcano erupt!!

This was super fun, and we did it a bunch of times. Check out the original post here with more info.

I’m not sure if we did Ecuador enough justice, but I think the girls actually had a really good week, and between sewing, cooking and volcanos probably got lots out of it.

Also Missy Moo has finally wised up and has requested to go to an “Icecream” country, so off to Italy we go.

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