Our World Adventure – The Netherlands

Up to week six already and time is flying by. We’re having a lot of fun on our world adventure, learning a little, but having a bit of fun and passing the time. So that’s a win.

This week Missy Moo picked to visit The Netherlands; another country I have been to in real life. However, most of the things I associate with the Netherlands have grown up themes (Anne Frank, drugs, sex museums, red light district, fancy art, etc), so it was a little challenging to bring the content down to a five and two year olds level!

Anyway, day 1 for each week in a new country we tend to do an activity based on why Missy Moo chose that place; so windmills it was!


We had a heap of fun making windmills together, and they even worked! Check out of original post here.


Up next was talking about tulips! We looked back at some of our old snaps from visiting the Tesselaar Tulip Festival and then headed to youtube to learn how to draw a tulip.


Ta da! Missy Moo really loves these drawing tutorials. I find it a little difficult to watch her go rogue, but I think I’m getting better…. eeeep!

On Wednesday we made flags and did another activity from our Little Printables bundle. I love flag day, even though I think the girls merely tolerate it. But I think it gives some nice consistency to our week.


The Little Printables package has been so handy, and this Netherlands activity was perfect for this week, and for Missy Moo to practice her counting and writing numbers.


I’ll admit, I was super excited about our cooking day… Poffertjes! It’s a fun little challenge each week to find easy, kid friendly recipes that my girls can help cook, but will also enjoy. Here’s the link to the recipe we used. 


You can find a bit more info on how we made them here.  We made them in our cake pop maker (because yes, we own one of those…)

For our final day in Amsterdam we did a bike tour. We have done virtual tours a few times and they’re always a hit.

The girls ended up with the bike set up in the lounge for a week after this video was taken and it got heaps of use during the crappy weather.

Here’s the video we watched…. was delightful!

Was a fun week in the Netherlands… next up Bhutan!


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