Our World Adventure – Brazil

As the days blurs into weeks, and the weeks blur into months we find ourselves finishing up our fourth country visit for our world adventure.

We’ve now been to Australia, Greenland, Russia and Brazil; and really enjoying the process. With at least five more weeks of planned stage 4 lock down for Melbourne I don’t see our world trip ending anytime soon.

Anyway, here’s what we got up to in Brazil….


As with the previous weeks we have started our week by doing an activity that reflected why Missy Moo chose to visit that place. In this instance it was the “parrot”.

I decided to take a bit of a macaw spin on it, in particular the blue macaw, which are native only to Brazil.

First we watched this video on youtube…

Then we made these! It wasn’t exactly the planned craft I had in mind but it did the job. Missy Moo drew and cut out her tree, bird, and beak on her own and took complete charge of her hand prints too. She’s a pretty neat crafter which helps both of us (well maybe just me), enjoy activities like this so much more.


On Tuesday we were off to the Amazon Rainforest to explore and look for animals. Again we started with a short video, then moved onto crafting and exploring.

First we made binoculars with empty toilet rolls, string and tape. These were a massive hit with my kids and have continued to be played with all week.



I had found some great free printables on pinterest to create our own animal hunt. Using parts of each of this printable (click here) and this one (click here) I made our game. I printed 2 cards, and the 12 animals, laminated the lot and then spent the afternoon hiding the animals around the house for the girls to find and mark off. They had turns hiding them for me and each other.

I could have skipped the laminating but I knew this was the type of activity they would really like and could use again and again so I bothered…. after all I have nothing else to do #lockdown


On Wednesday we made the Brazilian flag (with a bit of artistic licence). The white was done with a chalk paint pen so it was too wet to add the text. Never mind, it looks like the flag to us. The stars are meant to be actual constellations (including the Southern Cross), but she’s five… I’m not going to go to crazy about it.


For the first time within this world trip we actually spent money, and got Rio on Google Play to watch together. I had never seen Rio but figured how many countries would we visit with a dedicated kid’s movie about the place? It was $5 to rent it (which I think it pretty steep when Disney+ is only $9 a month), but nevertheless we paid and watched it. Was a good film and if you “visit” Brazil I’d suggest you suck it up and rent it from Google Play or Itunes too.


On Thursday we cooked Brigadeiro, which I read are a common kid’s party food in Brazil. The recipe looked simple, yummy and kid friendly. These were a hit! I would definitely make these little fudge balls again.


Follow this link to see the recipe and read my tips if you’re going to give them a try.

For our final fun in Brazil we partied hard at Carnival with some mask making. Carnival had featured quite predominantly in the Rio movie which was an excellent lead in to this activity.


These were really easy! Start by tracing your hand print on a piece of paper, along the folded edge.


Then unfold and decorate!


We’ve since used sticky tape to stick skewers on to the backs of these so we can use them as masks, again another hit in our house.


Some weeks we have a lot on our “to-do” list (aka Pinterest board) that we don’t get to but this week we did most of our goals. The only extra one I looked at but ultimately didn’t to was printing this free kids info booklet. It looks great, but a smidge to old for my 5yo.

Get it here.


So that’s a wrap of Brazil, next stop Ireland! Feel free to enjoy this Rio trailer to reminisce about all things Brazil…

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