Our World Adventure – Russia

This week was week three of our World Adventures, and I have to say so far it’s going pretty well. Five days seems long enough to learn enough for a 5yo, and isn’t too overwhelming for me to come up with ideas.

This week Missy Moo chose to visit Russia, once again because of the picture on our map.


So I thought that that was a pretty good place to start… with Matryoshka dolls (also known as Babushka dolls).

Get the free printable!


Next up we did a bit of Russian Polka! Here’s links to three videos on youtube that got my 2yo and 5yo up and dancing for about an hour (we just had these 3 on repeat)

On Wednesday we made our flag (as usual), but because it was a really simple one we also continued cutting and pasting to make Moscow! This activity is designed to be printed and coloured in, but I knew my girl wouldn’t have the attention or patience for that. Instead I printed the free template onto coloured paper; I think it turned out pretty good.

Get the free printable.


On Thursday we baked our little hearts our and made traditional Russian cookies called Pryaniki (pronounced Pree-anarchy). They took us ALL DAY, but were delicious. I’m glad we bothered. Read more about that here. 


FYI the other Russian recipe I was looking at (but didn’t make) was apple cakes. So that might be a fun one to try too. Get the recipe here. 

On Friday we attempted a colour by numbers activity which was a bit of a fail for my daughter, she just wanted to “colour like a kid, however I want”. But nevertheless here’s the link if you want to try it.

Colour by numbers


In addition here’s a few other things we got up to…..

We watched this kid friendly video about Russia

We watched some Russian kids stories. This one claims to be Russian’s most popular kids cartoon (it’s in English). My two really liked it.

And here’s a few things we ran out of time for, but would be fun ideas too.

Making Russian ballerinas


Playing this Russian card game (looks pretty kid friendly)

So that was our week! I was initially a bit put out when she suggested Russia, but turns out there was loads we could do.


Next week we’re off to Brazil!

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