Our World Adventure – Greenland

Now into week 2 of our world wide tour, Missy Moo opted to visit Greenland. While this might seem an obscure choice, she chose it based on the polar bear marked on our map. But, I guess that’s the fun of letting her guide this “trip”… I simply don’t know where we’ll end up.


I was initially a bit stumped with what to do for Greenland. It’s not a country I know anything about at all, in fact, only this week did I learn it isn’t a country at all…. but a territory of Denmark.

Nevertheless we began our week learning about the animals, including the polar bears, given that’s what led her to choose Greenland in the first place.

We watched this video on youtube talking about Artic animals, which goes for 20 minutes, but both my 2yo and 5yo sat through the whole thing.

Then we did some of the activities in this FREE artic animal activity pack 

The next day we learnt about the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Again we watched a kid friendly youtube video about them, and followed up with a craft activity. My girls were fascinated. We looked at a bunch of pictures online after the video too, just through a basic google search.

Here’s what we came up with. If you don’t have paints (or don’t love painting), try a similar pic using chalk on black paint.

Every week we’ll be making a flag to hang in our craft corner too, and Greenland was a pretty fun and easy one. The inspiration for this one comes from the icebergs, the sun and the colours of the Danish flag.


On Thursday we discuss Greenland’s climate. By looking at the map, and thinking about the animals that live there Missy Moo seemed to naturally come to the conclusion that Greenland was pretty freaking cold. So cold in fact that year round it is covered in approximately 85% snow.

So we made our own snow!

DIY snow at home is really easy. Click here for our recipe and more photos. Only 2 ingredients needed (bicarb and conditioner)


To wrap up the week we went back to Art for Kids Hub on youtube and I let Missy Moo choose from what she wanted to learn to draw. She chose the adorable seal pup.


I think she did great!! I reckon we’ll probably incorporate this most weeks…after all I really enjoy it too.


Other things we did that didn’t make the daily posts included

This colouring in sheet


This free Greenland maze map

And we didn’t have the ingredients to make it… but if you plan better than me, make a igloo out of marshmallows or LCM/rice krispie treats/rice bubbles (make your own or buy them).

So that’s it… another stamp in the passport. Next stop Russia!


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