Our World Adventure – Australia

Did iso round 1 kick your butt? It sure did for me.

I was lucky enough to be well supported by my husband working from home with no need to go anywhere or do anything, and yet it was so boring, repetitive and mentally draining. The kids were happy, but I just felt like it was groundhog day…. forever!

When iso 2.0 was announced (otherwise known as Melbourne re-entering stage 3 restrictions) I decided we needed a new goal, a new plan, some direction.

With that we decided a virtual trip around the world was just what we needed. Every week we would “explore” a country in whatever detail we wanted; mainly with craft, youtube videos, stories and cooking.

To help ease us into the process we started with Australia. Every day between Monday and Friday we did a little activity or two together. My daughter is 5.5y and a kinder kid (but we’re keeping her home at the moment) so has a desire to learn, and hasn’t got anyone but me to show and teach her.

As promised here’s a bit of a summary (plus links) for what we got up to this week.

We made passports!

We watched a few videos about the Australian and Aboriginal flags and then made them ourselves.


We suffered through Peppa Pig in Australia….

But make sure you cleanse your palate with Playschool’s Ackownledgement of Country, much, much better than Peppa.


More youtube fun… check out this lovely reading of Possum Magic by Playschool’s Benita

Ok… I swear we weren’t on youtube all week, but we also did some drawing of Australian animals. We ended up doing a kangaroo and a koala over with Art for Kids Hub.

Ta da! She was very proud.


We also had heaps of fun with Pete Cromer, Australian Artist with his free printables. They are really fun and of so pretty! Check out the free range here. Highly recommend.


Finally we finished up on Friday with a bit of baking. We opted for the Aussiest of the biscuits, cooking ANZAC cookies. I love the Donna Hay recipe and have made them loads. But pav, fairy bread, damper and cheesymite scrolls were on the shortlist too.


The other thing we really enjoyed was jumping onto the Zoos Victoria Facebook page and watching some of the live videos of the animal feeding times. The fairy penguins were really cute!

So that was our week. We had fun, I didn’t crack it (much) and we both stayed moderately stimulated. I let her choose whatever place she wanted from our map for this week and she choose Greenland (because there is a picture of a polar bear on Greenland on our map). So here we go, let’s see what we can come up with.

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