Grover: 50 years on the street

Can you believe Sesame Street is up to it’s 50th season? Unbelievable. Over the weekend a special star studded 50th Anniversary Celebration was released to mark the occasion, with the official first episode of season 50 airing this Wednesday on ABC kids at 9:30am.

The new season begun with Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, a star-studded special that offers a sweeping look at 50 years on the Street. Hosted by Joseph Gordon Levitt, the special reimagines classic segments and songs like “People in Your Neighborhood” and “It’s Not Easy Being Green” as the Sesame Street friends get ready for a big celebration. 

Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration includes cameos from rarely-seen characters like Roosevelt Franklin and Kermit the Frog, and visits from celebrity guests Whoopi Goldberg, Patti LaBelle, Elvis Costello, Meghan Trainor, Sterling K. Brown, Norah Jones, Nile Rodgers, and Itzhak Perlman. Nearly every human cast member returns including Bob McGrath (Bob), Sonia Manzano (Maria), Emilio Delgado (Luis), Loretta Long (Susan), Roscoe Orman (Gordon), and Linda Bove (Linda) and legendary puppeteers Fran Brill and the late Caroll Spinney also appear in the special.

To mark this super special occasion I got the opportunity to talk to Grover about his time on the street… What a bloody legend he is!

Grover copy

Hi Grover, thanks for talking with me. I wish we could visit you on Sesame Street but unfortunately we’re all staying home for now dreaming about our next holiday. Where do you like to go on holiday?

Right now, with everything going on, this monster’s holiday is a staycation! It’s been nice relaxing at home on Sesame Street. Having many jobs – waiter, taxi driver, scientist, pretzel salesman, professor, button sorter – it is nice to have some time to relax. Sometimes a monster just needs to put on his fuzzy bunny slippers and read a good book.

When I do go out on holiday, I, of course, love visiting the Australian beaches. 

There is nothing like jumping in those beautiful Australian oceans and going snorkelling. This Monster’s got to snorkel. 


Wow, you’ve had so many adventures! I’d love to try snorkelling.

But what we all want to know is who has been your favourite celebrity to visit Sesame Street? 

You want me to pick just one. This is a tough choice. But…if I had to pick one…it would be Patti Labelle…no Dave Matthews….no Stevie Wonder…Oh I can’t just pick one. But I am sure I was their favourite celebrity to meet. HA-HA!


Ohh Stevie Wonder, I’m jealous!! And you’re right, I’m sure you were their favourite.

So Grover, while we’re housebound my daughter is working hard to try to get her training wheels off her bike. Can you ride a bike? Do you use training wheels too? Any tips for her?

Oh, that is wonderful. Yes, I can ride a bike! Along with a skateboard, unicycle, surfboard. And I can even hula hoop!

I did have training wheels on my bike. But after lots and lots of practice, they came off. Now I ride a big monster bike. 

Tell your daughter it’s important to always wear a helmet and if she falls, get right back up! I fall a lot…I mean a lot. But I always keep trying. I know she will get it soon. Tell her Grover can’t wait to see her riding her bike! 


And some of my followers asked:

Evelyn (aged 4) asked “Do you ever catch a bus?”

Catch one? No! They are just too fast for my little monster legs. But ride a bus, yes! I take a bus to the store, and all around Sesame Street. I love looking out the window and singing my favourite bus song. “The Wheels on the bus go round and rounnnndddd!” 

Bianca (aged 6) wants to know “Who is your best friend?”

Wow, Bianca, that is a toughie. It is so hard to pick just one best friend when there are so many wonderful monsters, chickens, vegetables, birds, and grouches that live on Sesame Street. I am lucky that I have so many best friends! And you know, I would love to have YOU as a best friend, too. 

Amy (aged 37) wants to know “Is Oscar always so grouchy?”

Does vegemite belong on toast? Does a surfboard belong on the beach? Is Hugh Jackman handsome? YES!  And yes, Oscar is always grouchy! He is a grouch after all. But we love him for it. Deep down under all that mossy fur and trash is a really great friend! 


Zoe (aged 5) asks “I like to play the drums. Do you play an instrument?”

You play the drums, Zoe? Me too! My friend Questlove from the Roots is teaching me. Remember to practice and keep at it. I am sure your family will love hearing you practice at home.

I’ve been practising a really rockin’ version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Maybe we can play together sometime! 

Meredith (aged 2) asks “Can you play with me?”

Hello there Meredith! My Sesame Street friends and I would love to play with you! We can have a virtual playdate and sing songs with Elmo, dance with Abby, and learn different recipes from Cookie Monster and Chef Gonger! 

Photo: SESAME STREET 50th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Sesame Street Production; Director: Jack Jameson; television production photographed: Thursday, May 16, 2019; 9:00 AM at Studio J; Kaufman-Astoria Studios; Astoria, New York; Photograph: © 2019 RICHARD TERMINE PHOTO CREDIT – RICHARD TERMINE

I would love a special message to share with my followers in Australia. What do you think makes the best adventure!

G’day, G’day, I heard that’s how you say “hello” in Australia! It is I, your fuzzy and blue monster pal, Grover. Giving a BIG, BIG BIG hello to everyone in Australia. Whether they are near or far, the best adventures are with friends. I hope I get to see all of you – and those cute little koala’s – very soon! Bye bye! 

Thanks for talking with me today Grover! Catch you for a cuddle when you’re next down under.

Watch the special 50th Anniversary Celebration on ABCkids here


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