School Holiday Guide: Isolation Style

It’s School Holidays; no really it is! We’ve been isolating for about 2 weeks now, and honestly have no idea what day it is. It feels a little like those days between Christmas and New years, except with less cheer, booze and family around.

Anywho despite none of us going anywhere I felt compelled to put together a school holiday guide for you all… completely different to what I usually put up, but hopefully just as helpful.

And, you guessed it, it’s all online/at your house!

For each day over the holidays I will be giving you 1 x screen free EASY activity, and 1 x fun workshop, hosted by a heap of beautiful small businesses. Each workshop/class/presentation will run at 10am through my Facebook page, and stay there afterwards. So if your kids like it you can watch the videos again and again!

By the way, I’d love to see what you get up to. Tag me @anydayadventures and use #anydayadventures #isolationadventures so I can see what you’ve been doing.

So, here goes:

Monday 30th March

  • Science Play Kids (10am)
    We’re starting off with a bang! Grab yourselves a disposable cup, balloon and a pom pom to get ready for this science experiment. Jump over to like their facebook page for more experiments for your budding scientist, or join the Members Lab for $14.95 a month and get new science videos every week!80888043_2556107344714874_6774178103225745408_n
  • Going screen free? 
    Head outside with a picnic mat, lie down and watch the clouds. Challenge your kids imagination to see something among them.

Tues 31st March

  • Live Q & A with a real life mermaid!! (10am)
    Join Mermaid Tarielle as she answers all your questions about underwater life and and reads a story or two. Check her out on facebook too. My girls can’t wait to “meet” her. MermaidTarielle Promo Photo
  • Going screen free?
    Clean out your linen closet… with the kids! Make a cubby, some capes, a picnic rug. Let them guide you… and don’t worry about the mess. You have endless time to clean up before visitors pop over.

Wed 1st April

  • Count Me In (Dance) (10am)
    Switching to online classes post this pandemic Count Me In is sharing a class with us aimed at preschoolers, so grab a tutu and join in the fun. TOTS
  • Going screen free?
    Let your kids paint your nails, or theirs, or each others. Do it on an old rug in case of smears and try not to be too uptight about the process. I find most nail polish comes off skin in the next bath without trying very hard at all.

Thurs 2nd April

  • Giggly Wiggly Balloon Storytelling (10am)
    Balloon storytelling? What is that? I’m super keen to find out too. Get a sneak peak over on their facebook page. GigglyWiggly_BalloonStorytelling
  • Going screen free?
    Make mud pies! With the shops sometimes empty, it’s hard to recommend even a basic recipe at this point. Instead, head outside with a muffin tray, some spoons and a bit of water and make muddy treats. Raid your toy box for plastic bowls and spoons if you don’t want to take your “good” stuff outside.

Friday 3rd April

  • Arts and Crafts with Travel Karma (10am)
    Join Kristen (and her bubbly 5yo Scarlett) as they show us some fun crafts to make at home. You’ll need everything pictured below to join in. They also have 30 days worth of free activities if you’re looking for inspo, check them out here.Join us for Arts and crafts
  • Going screen free?
    Draw some portaits. Grab a mirror (or use selfie mode if desperate) and get your kids to have a crack at drawing themselves, each other, or you if you want to pose. Draw outside if you have the space, doesn’t have to be an exclusively indoor activity.

Saturday 4th April

  • Sounds Like This for Kids (music class) (10am)
    Julie from Sounds Like This for Kids is such a beautiful singer, with a gorgeous soul. I put this one on a Saturday so the whole family could listen, sing and enjoy. Parent participation preferred. Bring along something to bang; your kids will love it. Follow her facebook page for more info on her online classes and weekly membership packages.90479417_1846103672192722_1378629882916896768_n
  • Going screen free? 
    Turn on the radio and grab whatever instruments you have (or pots and spoons if you don’t have any) and give your kids silly dancing, and your undivided attention for a good 10 minutes at least. Don’t be tempted to video them grooving, it’ll wreck the magic. If you’ve got a digitial radio tune into ABC kids listen.

Sunday 5th April

  • Just rest. And rest some more. Disney+ has a free 7 day trial…. just saying. frozen2
  • Going screen free?
    Go for a little walk, scoot or ride. Just don’t let your kids lick anything, you heard it here first.

Monday 6th April

  • Creative Makes (Art) (10am)
    Do you have a budding Picasso? You won’t want to miss this one. Going to go step by step to do some shaving cream painting!  Watch this one and plan to make straight after, while it’s fresh in your mind. We love messy fun at our place. Tag them on facebook when you share your kid’s masterpiece.44057827_248709469124983_1491559352111202304_o
  • Going screen free?
    It’s nearly Easter, we were meant to be going away…. you too? Pitch your tent, sleep in it if you want. But just set it up and let your kids enjoy running about in it throughout the day. If it’s a hit, leave it up…. why not? The Easter Bunny won’t judge you.

Tues 7th April

  • Hoop Sparx (Hoola Hooping fun) (10am)
    Hoop Sparx is all about fitness, friendship, giggles and hoola hoops! Sound like something your kids might like? Make sure they tune in for this live class. Need a hoop? Get one here. Lets hoop
  • Going screen free?
    Make a hopscotch in your drive, on your deck, on your floor inside using masking tape (inside) or chalk for outside.

Wed 8th April

  • Let’s chat with Queen Elsa!! (10am)
    Live from Arendelle, Elsa will be answering all your questions, with maybe a sing a long and a story. Dress up and join in! You can find out more about Elsa and her friends over at Tarielle’s Storybook Character Experiences… you can even organise for Elsa (or some of her friends) to do a personal video chat just for your child!!87039901_2565068717111028_5341910731686150144_o
  • Going screen free?
    Set up an obstacle course; inside, outside or both. Don’t forget things to jump on, jump over, pick up and move, funny hats, tongs for picking up things, and star jumps. The crazier you make it, the more fun they’ll have.

Thurs 9th April

  • Ted Goes to Hospital (10am)
    Join author Sarah Cummings as she reads to us her book about Ted the bear going into hospital (which hopefully none of our kiddos do). Such an important topic in this crazy climate. 62564469_1242910329220651_5844723854403960832_o
  • Going screen free?
    Let’s go on a bear hunt! Hide a teddy somewhere in the house for your kids to find. If they’re young make it easy, if they’re bigger give them a map. If you have lots of kids get them hiding it for each other using “hotter” and “colder” instructions to find the bear.

Fri 10th April

  • Harry Potter Workshop (10am)
    Join The Little Shop of Horrors Costumery as they take us into Hogwarts and show us what life would be like within the castle’s classrooms! All magical people welcome. Follow them on facebook for more fun online workshops too.82358254_2656127757756842_6118328891955216384_o
  • Going screen free?
    Try collecting some leaves outside then grab some paper and crayons. Pop the leaves under your paper and “rub” the crayon over the top to reveal the leaf imprint. Don’t have leaves? Use coins!

So that’s it… now we’ll probably still be locked down after the holidays and we’ll all need to work out what new adventures we can take…but for now hopefully this is a good kick start to your at home life.

– Mel

p.s don’t forget to tag me @anydayadventures, #anydayadventures #isolationadventures and I’ll share the fun that you’re having too!!

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