Remindables for Back to School

It’s back to school and back to kinder time; rushed mornings, lunchbox prep and general routine routine routine….or maybe that’s just me.


In the morning I’d love Missy Moo to have a bit of independence in getting ready; both to help her take responsibility for herself, and also to (potentially) score me 5 more minutes of a sleep in! When I first spotted Remindables I fell in love with the concept.

Remindables are colourful tags that you can attach to your childs school/kinder/day care bag to remind them about, well, whatever! You might remind them what to pack (which in turn reminds them later what to unpack), you can use the tags to show emergency contact details, allergies, who is doing pick up that day or even if your child needs a reminder to go to after school care.


Other than my proposed five minutes snooze time, here are a couple of other benefits in using Remindables.


Also, for those kids who might want or need some extra support there are “Anxiety Savers” tags, reminding your child to ask for a hug, breath deeply or listen to music amongst others.

Check out the full range of ALL the Remindables here.

Even better ,if you have an idea for a tag that’s not yet available, the team at Remindables want to know so they can look about adding it to their range. Alternatively blank tags are also for sale.

There’s loads to choose from and a lot of different ways the tags can be used; I’m super excited that Remindables are now in my “parenting tool kit”.


If you have a Mr or Miss Independent I would encourage you to check out Remindables because my daughter is just in love with them; and feels very clever and important packing her own things…. and better yet she hasn’t forgetten anything yet!

For more info head to


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