Funtopia Carrum Downs

586 Frankston Dandenong Road,
Carrum Downs VIC

A-Mazing! We got invited along to a special sneak peak at Funtopia Carrum Downs today and I must say, mind blown! What a fantastic new playcentre to hit Melbourne’s South. This playcentre is on steroids.

So firstly our sneak peak session lasted 3 hours, and I think my kids still had a good amount of play left in them, there was lots that we didn’t even do in that time. So this playcentre has “whole day” potential for sure. Let’s go over some of the main things.

Funtopia combines rock climbing within a traditional soft play environment, but neither comes off second best, and both areas are stand alone fantastic.

20191004_115532 (2)

The rock climbing areas are self guided after a brief safety demo, and my 4yo was probably more competent than me with clipping and unclipping; it was quick and simple, no screwing required.


We both felt safe…. even when she fell….. my face says concerned, my brain says “I win!”


There was a good mix of difficulty throughout the rock climbing, but I suggest you wear more appropriate shoes than I did and stick to runners.

There’s a few big drop/slide parts in this section too for those daring. I had a go on this one…oh man like a tricky set of monkey bars… but I did it! See the video here


The play center element is as good, if not better, than most play centers we have been to. It is really big, lots of pathways around, and easy slide access! Up on the left, then straight down.


And on top of great slide access check this out, close seating too. A must for parents of slide obsessed kids.


The theming of Funtopia is Australia! You can walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge, visit “Funtopia” station, or play in the interactive ocean. In the ocean room you can colour your fish, and upload to the deep blue sea. Then if you hit your fish on the screen your fish will splash about…super cool.

20191004_12241120191004_12241520191004_103816 (2)

If you want to palm off your visit as a learning experience too there’s info posters everywhere… I’m looking at you teachers.


So big kids are covered… what about babies? I’m please to say the GATED baby/toddler area was excellent. Boring enough to keep big kids out, but fun enough to keep little kids in.

20191004_094143 (2)

My two little ones also had a great time in the ball room which is in the main play space, so really there’s something for every age group at Funtopia Carrum Downs.


The cafe was up and running today but the actual menu was not available yet to see the full range or prices. But, what we had today showed great potential. I had a thai chicken curry pie, beautiful cookies, slices and even scones… I stuffed my face. It was glorious. Plus the staples of burgers and chips too which looked supreme. Coffee excellent.


Another thing a few of you asked about is visibility of your children. I’ll be honest, if you are particularly concerned or fussy about this you might find Funtopia a bit anxiety provoking. It is very, very big. You won’t be able to see everything no matter where you sit.  The seating is all in the front half of the space, but the play goes back quite far, It’s not awful for visibility, but a little tricky if you like to always see your kids.

20191004_122438 (2)

Other than that everything was clean (it is brand new), with lots of toilets, good baby change area and lots of high chairs. Ticks all the boxes for me. Easy space for prams/double prams too.


Playground World – Monday to Friday: $14 pp (All day pass)
Playground World – Weekends: $16 pp (All day pass)
Public Holidays / School Holidays: $16 pp (All day pass)
Climbing World – Monday to Friday: $18.50 pp (per session)
Climbing World – Weekends: $19.50 pp (per session)
Public Holidays / School Holidays: $19.50 pp (per session)
Funtopian Pack – Everyday $29.95 pp
1 x Climbing World Session / All day Playground Pass / Leap of Faith Jump / Grip Socks


If you have Small Ideas you will get 15% cafe and 15% off climb and/or play for everyone in your party once a month.

Overall we had fantastic day at Funtopia Carrum Downs and wish them the best of luck with the official opening next week!!

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