Peppa Pig Playdate!

June 29th – July 7th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Are your kids nuts for Peppa Pig? Missy Moo (4yo) just adores her. Given a choice Peppa Pig is always what she’ll choose if I let her loose on the ABC kids app, she just loves her.


Peppa Pig Playdate is a large, interactive play space for your kids to really experience being part of Peppa’s world. If your kids love Peppa, they will LOVE this, I don’t know if I can stress that enough.

On the surface there isn’t a heap of activities to see and do, but for my daughter and her 5yo friend they were both throughouly engaged at each of them.

Obviously, the most fun, were the meet and greets with the characters. You can meet Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog. Some of them were just roaming, but Peppa had a private play date room (I guess to help with crowd control).


The characters were all cuddly and throwing out the high fives, blowing kisses, and dancing away. Super engaging and inviting for all the kids in attendance.


Once we’d met the lot we moved around the room to find some other activities. The girls enjoyed crafting, exploring a maze, jumping in “muddy” puddles (jumping castle style) and riding in Grandpa Pig’s train.


If your kids love to get their pose on you’ll find lots of fun pictures to take while you’re on your playdate. Dress in Peppa’s gumboots (the yellow ones), slide down a dinosaur or head to school.


Now…  some of the nitty gritty stuff.

  • It is a bit expensive! Using a Small Ideas membership helps and will bring a family ticket down to just under $100. If not a family of 4 is $144.90
  • No toilets!!! There are toilets nearby but you do have to exit the playdate and re-enter to get to them. Super annoying and impractical when the main demographic here will be frequently peeing/toilet training aged toddlers and preschoolers.
  • If you are unaware you can get here easily on public transport or park in the multi-storey at Crown for $6 (5 minute walk).


So should you go? Here’s the question. If your kid/s are die hard mad Peppa Pig fans then absolutely yes. Take this one on the chin, suck it up, pay the cash and take them. I think Missy Moo enjoyed it more than Disneyland when we took her last year, haha. Seriously though if it is in your budget go for it.

However, if your kids aren’t that fussed either way about Peppa I’d give it a miss. The activities are really most suited to fans of the show and a non-fan probably won’t get as much bang for their buck. The real joy was watching the girls faces light up meeting their favourite characters and having a cuddle.


Peppa Pig Playdate is only in Melbourne until July 7th so if you want to go get onto it and have a fab day out. For more info and to grab your tickets click here


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