Beauty and the Beast

2 Patrick Dr,
Narre Warren VIC

Beauty and the Beast has arrived to Bunjil Place in Narre Warren; and we were over the moon to be welcomed along to attend during opening weekend.

I mean who doesn’t like Belle, she’s above and beyond the most universally liked princess of the Disney crew; beautiful, kind, sincere, intelligent, and some believe odd?!


This stage show, produced by Windmill Theatre Productions was the Disney movie version of Beauty and the Beast brought to the stage. This means all your fave Disney tunes were part of the show, as well as many new songs too. The original  Disney songs definitely had more theatrics to them, becoming real show stoppers. “Gaston”, and “Be our Guest” were particular highlights with amazing choreographer, costumes and singing. Fans of the Disney version will not be disappointed!

So many of the leads really excelled, but Le Fou was the stand out for me. So expressive, great singing, and just personality +++


Bunjil Place is a relatively new theater venue opening just a few years ago and we love it, and have attended many times. Despite it’s suburban location, this stage show is as good as one you would find in the city, and not amateur theater by any means. Full orchestra, amazing props and sets, special effects, full beast make up… all the makings of a very special theater experience to bring this story to life.

Check out some behind the scenes footage in this video here

I love Beauty and the Beast. I had this dress made 6 years ago to wear to Disneyland!

So as I said earlier, I attended the show last night with my 4yo, a friend and her 3yo. So…. is it for kids?

YES… if the can sit through it. The show started at 4pm, intermission at 5:30, and wrapped up at 6:40pm. It was a little long for our kids, but nothing an ice cream couldn’t fix. If you take your kids go armed with snacks.

Overall this is an adults show, appropriate for children. There were more adults in attendance by a mile, with a few pint sized Belles dressed up throughout the crowd.

Beauty and the Beast will be playing at Bunjil Place until June 23rd, so grab your tickets quickly before the last petal falls and you miss the chance to see this magical and romantic tale come to life. Get your tickets here and have a blast!


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