Interaxcity Children’s Museum

1a Cawkwell Street

How beautiful is a child’s imagination? I don’t know about you but my fun four year old can imagine up just about anything. With a big vocab, a plethora of imaginary friends and intense creativity pretend play is the bread and butter of our play time together. So when I heard about Interaxcity opening up I knew I had to take her.


Interaxcity is a pretend play mecca, perfect for imaginative kids.  Within the city your child can pretend to be a postie, housewife (or house husband), florist, shopper, shop keeper, pilot, passenger, doctor, patient, mechanic, chauffeur and the list goes on and on… really only limited by their imagination. They even get a passport to stamp as they visit each play space!


Kids  will love playing with their parents here, as it’s not a sit back and observe type place. You’ll be in the thick of it right there with them flying that plane, or delivering flowers…. a great bonding activity if you sometimes struggle with how to play with your kids.


Interaxcity runs sessions throughout the day which require pre booking. They last for 90 minutes which was enough for my daughter and her friend.


Other stuff to keep in mind:

  • Sessions are $18 per child. Until 12 months free, adults free.
  • Totally flat, no stairs. However not super pram friendly as some of the play areas are a bit tight on space. There’s an area near the entrance where you could park a pram and baby wear though.
  • Toilets and change table available on site
  • No café on site, but lots of eateries nearby.


All in all we had a fantastic time. The facility is brand new so everything is clean, shiny, and in great condition. The kids all seemed super engaged and it was lovely to see their imaginations ignited! As a fun bonus I saw lots of great ideas I can implement at home too… like this pretend sauce creation!


Head along for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Book your spot online here


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