Ice Cream Festival

35 Old Healesville Rd,
Yarra Glen VIC

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery can do no wrong. They run amazing events and festivals throughout the year and at the moment their annual “Ice Cream Festival” is on (until Feb 24th).

This year the theme is to taste your way around the world, with ice cream flavours representing countries all across the globe.

ice cream festival 1

Throughout the festival the flavours continue to change week by week, but this was our selection today. You can either choose to just rock up and order ice cream, or book in for  a tasting session… that’s what we did.

The tasting session is quite similar to the one I did here last year for hot chocolates. You can read about that one here. Today we got to sample the 12 above ice creams over 40 minutes, learning fun facts about the creative process and also being quite indulgent.

IMG_3591 (2)
The Fruit Tingle from Australia

Each ice cream comes out one after another with time to enjoy each before moving on to the next country. There’s a real mix of flavours too, with a almost traditional chocolate with hemp (for the progressively hemp legal USA), a hummus complete with roasted chick pea (not disgusting) or a super sweet hokey pokey with freshly made honeycomb (the top selling product out at Yarra Valley we were told).

ice cream festival
There’s a chickpea on my ice cream?!

Today I also ate worms and fed both my children tequilla! #noshame The baby particularly liked this one…haha. Keeping it traditional you could even opt for a authentic worm on top…don’t mind if i do!

Babywearing, worms and tequilla

Another stand out was the ruby ice cream. If you hadn’t heard ruby chocolate is the new kid on the block alongside milk, white and dark. It was the first time I had it. Was a smooth, subtle flavour that was popular in our tasting session.


If you have time definitely head to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery before Febuary 24th to try all the flavours and maybe even eat a worm or two!

The tasting session is only $20 and you get to try 12 flavours so it is excellent value. Small children are welcome (I had my 4yo and 1yo), and felt that my $20 spot was easily plenty for the 3 of us (although the baby didn’t have much). Bookings essential.

Don’t forget to follow Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery on Facebook for more fun events in the future.


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