Monkey Mania Eastland

A playcentre within Myer… is this the best idea ever? Yes. Yes it is.

Monkey Mania has recently open on level three within Myer in Eastland and takes up a surprisingly large amount of space considering it is within a department store. By right within it, I really mean right in the toy section (clever, right?)


Monkey Mania was easy to find, and well signed around the Myer store on each level which I appreciated.

Once we arrived everything was brand new, so lovely and clean, no rips or tears and lots of staff everywhere to help out.


There is a under threes play space, and an older kids area but honestly the older kids stuff wasn’t overly challenging and my three year old could navigate the place with ease.


The younger area was separately gated off which I always appreciate, and plenty in there to keep littlies amused for a while.


My fave play area was the little house. Multiple children and parents seemed to play here collaboratively and it isn’t something I have seen at a play centre before.


The cafe on site had an excellent range and reasonable prices. Next time I’m skipping breakfast and grabbing waffles! However, no coffee cups, all just disposable ones. Take your own keep cup if you have one. 


Monkey Mania has some very fancy party areas if you are planning a birthday party, but they are very open and quite far from the play area. Something worth considering depending on the ages of the children you would be hosting. But the murals are amazing!


Prices can be found here or you can get cheaper entry by purchasing a membership or presenting your Small Ideas membership. FYI this is a play centre that adults are charged entry; $4.50 and for that you get a tea, coffee, soft drink or bottled water. Also members get in for only $6 every Tuesday (not including school holidays).

For an additional $3 you can ride the train for a few minutes.  This didn’t appear to have a set schedule so just ask when you turn up for times. Adults, you won’t fit. Save yourself the humiliation and don’t try (I did and was told to hop off).


All in all, we enjoyed Monkey Mania and especially enjoyed this nice touch on exiting.


After grabbing your balloon grab a staff member and ask for a parking voucher. You can get a voucher to get you your fourth hour at Eastland free (normally only the first three hours are free). So play, load the kids in the pram, and get shopping!

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