Hot Chocolate Festival!

35 Old Healesville Rd,
Yarra Glen Vic

Once a year the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery host a hot chocolate festival! 31 new hot chocolate flavours releasing eight a week throughout the month.


Each hot drink is served with it’s own signature giant marshmallow, and is a beautiful work of edible art.

Coffee, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla marshmallows

But what if you can’t decide which drink you want? Arghh. Then a tasting session is for you.  Eight mini versions of the specialty hot chocolates on offer that week. I’ve been looking forward to this adventure for a while!

Mini frecklehead taster
The Frecklehead

For $20 you get to taste your way through each of the eight mini drinks, complete with decorations and marshmallows. We even got an edible cookie cup! Yum, yum, yum.


That in itself I thought was really great value for $20, but what sealed the deal is you also get to make three chocolate spoons to take home with you to make your own creations later.

You can choose to use a base of milk, dark or white choolate with a massive variety of mix ins. Glaced violet anyone? Nibs? Chilli? Peanuts? Sprinkles? You name it, it was on offer.


I can’t wait to try these!


All the hot chocolates we sampled were delicious, but at least a few were quite obscure. We tried one with cricket dust, and another with eucalyptus infused chocolate (the Jolly Swagman) which I loved. There was also a licorice on offer this week which my licorice loving friend said was her fave, but not for me.

The Black Adder
With three licorice flavours

Honestly this was a heap of fun, and for only $20 definitely not too pricey. You *could* take kids but I probably wouldn’t. Instead put them into a specialty kids workshops instead. I’d say this would be excellent adult mini date, with each session lasting a bit over an hour.


These tasting sessions do require a booking and payment in advance. You can book in here


The Jolly Swagman with eucalyptus infused hot chocolate.

While you’re visiting check out the gift shop (hello free samples) and the cafe if you still have space.

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