Cake 2 The Rescue… did I nail it?

Birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, congratulations cakes, graduation cakes, the list goes on. After all, who doesn’t love cake?!  I love to bake… I’m not great at it but I love it. I’ve made my daughter’s first three birthday cakes for her first three birthdays and although they did turn out ok, there was a lot of stress and cost involved which I didn’t really want or need. I always over (or under) cater with frosting, and my baking time is often off too.

*Sigh*, despite this it just isn’t in me to outsource cake making. As a stay at home mum I feel like if I can’t make a cake for my kid’s birthday then what is it all even for? Haha, slight exaggeration, but making her cake every year is an important #mumgoal for me.

So recently my daughter Missy Moo wanted to plan a unicorn party for her doll. I know what you’re thinking, she’s got a great imagination.. sure. She spotted this cake online recently and asked if we could make it. I excitedly agreed.

The goal cake…


This cake comes as a bake it yourself kit, similar to the type of cake packet mix you might get at Coles, but on steroids! Designed for a beginner, hard to mess up, tasty!

Everything comes together in a neat little box. All the coloured fondant I would need (yay to not buying 100 different colour dyes), the cake mix, and even the tray to cook it in. You just need a little bit of milk, butter and eggs and you’re good to go.


Where’s the tray? Oh.. it is the humble pre greased cardboard box!


We set to work. Me, my three year old, the doll, and our ambitious unicorn cake instructions.


And would you believe it… it worked! Cake straight out of the box when cooked… no dishes… hooray!!


Next step is to let your cake cool upside-down (as shown above), then lay your template on the top and cut out.


Little bit of buttercream and our humble unicorn is taking shape.


Up until this point I had my daughter’s “help” and we were up to day two. You could easily make this in one day, but I was happy to stretch out the activity. Day one we baked, day two we cut and iced and day three I did the fondant….. alone. I strongly suggest you don’t involve your kids in fondant rolling unless you have heaps of patience and super compliant kids. I have neither.

So.. all by myself I whipped up…


Now it is a little cracked, a little messy but I was so damn proud. My daughter was so happy, and I even let her cover (deface) it in edible glitter to add the finishing touches. Check out that glittery eye, haha.


So.… was it easy? Yeah it was actually. The horn was the hardest part and took me a few goes. This was the best I could do and I’m ok with that.


Luckily there are step by step instructions to really help even the most novice of bakers get their cakes looking beautiful.

And then we all sung happy birthday (no really we did) and my daughter’s doll blew out the candles. #mumgoals


So did I nail it? Yeah, I reckon I did. I am completely converted to these Cake 2 the Rescue kits and almost definitely will be ordering one when my daughter’s have their birthdays in Summer. There’s over 200 designs to choose from and custom spots are available too.

There’s even this one as a similar pony design which I love or this awesome digger!! So many fun designs.

Check out Cake 2 The Rescue to have a look at all the designs on offer. Cakes range from approx. $50- $60 and afterpay is available!


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