Sugar Republic

379 Smith St,
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Today we visited Sugar Republic; a new pop up exhibition in Melbourne about all things sugar. This family friendly attraction doesn’t take itself too seriously; there’s nothing to learn about sugar, you won’t walk away any smarter for your troubles. But you will walk away smiling. The exhibition is purely for fun.


Among the pastels, the neons, the glitter and the rainbow of colour there are interactive activities and many photo opportunities. In fact, this exhibition is mainly just a fun place to take photos. Bring your best duck face, you’ll be selfie-ing for days (is that a word? All this sugar has made me delirious).


Speaking of sugar there are many freebies to be had as you walk around; ice cream (soft serve sorry preggos), fairy floss, wizz fizz and more. If you don’t want your kids to eat sugar, don’t bring them along; it is a little hard to ignore.


So is it kid friendly? Well…. there are some fun kid friendly elements. A giant gumball machine to jump in, a ball pit, raining confetti, but…. and it’s a big one…. no toilets, and no prams. Ouch! I lugged my 8kg bundle of joy around for 90 minutes in a carrier and I was spent.


No toilets is tricky too, and honestly a real shame. We visited with another mum and her toddler (both kids three years old) and both asked to go to the toilet during our visit. Super annoying that the local toilet is 80m away down the street.

So should you take your kids? Yep. It’s still super fun!

Should you go without kids? Yep. It’s still super fun.


Parking wise, I parked on Smith St just out the front and found a park without issue. It is metered parking and you can pay with a card. There’s a two hour limit which cost $8. You’ll only need an hour and a half or so at Sugar Republic so this should be plenty for you.


Tickets are selling out quickly so if you’re keen book them sooner rather than later. Here’s the link to more info, but essentially adults are $35, kids are $25.

Check out my live video on facebook to see the giant pool sized ball pit in action! Click here to have a peak.


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