PB Ronald Reserve

PB Ronald Reserve,
John St,

The good old John Street playground right by Pakenham Library (officially titled the PB Ronald Reserve) has had a makeover. There’s a few changes for the better, but unfortunately a few for the worse too.

If you haven’t been before here’s a little snapshot of the key features of the playground..

The New Big Tower!
IMG_0984 (2)

This super high tower is brand spanking new and a nice combo of easy and challenging parts.

The New Little Tower

Perfect for younger children with many options for play throughout.

The Original Playground (well some of it)

This great wooden playground is leftover from the original park. I love a wooden playground and this is a good one. Very big and safe for all ages.

The Mini Village
IMG_0976 (2)IMG_0977 (2)

Complete with signs and shops this mini village is perfect for your kids to use their bike or scooter to get around.

Other features of the playground include the standard swings (plenty of different types), inground mini trampolines, and lots of shade (unfortunately not covering the playground though).

IMG_0979 (2)

Was too busy wrangling kids to get photos but there is also a skate park and exercise equipment just by the main play areas.

There are toilets located both at the park (a bit yuck) and within the library a short walk away (much cleaner).

So what’s disappointing?

This playground was previously pretty well fenced and pretty much all the fencing is now gone. The area is very open so it was a bit tricky to watch all the kids at the same time (I visited with another mum and we had five kids between us).

The other thing is that there is almost no seating for parents. However Cardinia Shire Council have mentioned that these are on the way; being made from the old fence posts so that’s pretty cool.

Overall great place to play, just be mindful if your kid is a runner as they will be hard to watch! 8/10 and worth a visit.

IMG_0971 (2)

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