My Top Five “Small Ideas” Adventures!

I talk about Small Ideas a lot on this blog; because I simply love it. If you haven’t heard of it before or are not really sure what it is all about let me break it down for you.

Small Ideas is an online membership (although it does come as a physical book version too), that gets you discounts and free entry to all kinds of kid friendly places across Melbourne and Sydney (separate membership for each city though). It is a one off cost of $34.95 and lasts a year (Jan – Dec) so you are better off getting it earlier in the year where possible to make the most of it.

Here’s a little video I made a while ago that shows just how easy the app is to use.

So if you have got yourself a book and looking for a couple of places to start here is my top five favourite places to go with my Small Ideas Membership in Melbourne.

  1. Xanadu Playcentre
    20170519_125811 (2).jpg

Xanadu Playcentre in Hallam is my number one fave place in Small Ideas. Why? Because you get free entry for one child every month for the entire year, they sell $1 hot jam donuts, your coffee comes with a free sneaky chocolate or biscuit and the playcentre is not for profit. That means any cash they do make goes back into local charities! Better get two donuts….you know for the good of the community.

2. Pixel Playcentre
IMG_8502 (2).JPG

Pixel Playcentre in Cranbourne has the same deal as Xanadu; one free entry every month for the entire year. I tend to visit both playcentres every month. If only Pixel served hot jam donuts too…perhaps one day. Pixel do have a frequent coffee card that you get stamped and get rewarded with free coffee, so that’s a great deal too.

3. Rain, Hayne and Shine Farmyard

This quaint little farm down in Balnarring is perfect for a hands on day out, and feels like you are visiting friends who own a farm rather than a tourist attraction. Small Ideas scores you 50% off your entry when you visit!

4) Legoland
IMG_7459 (2).JPG

If you haven’t been to Legoland then do yourself a favour and check it out. It is seriously like a mini theme park hidden within Chadstone Shopping Centre. Use your Small Ideas voucher to get 20% off entry.

5) Superzu

This playcentre is MASSIVE! It is the biggest one that I have been to and it has free WIFI…bonus! Small Ideas gets you one free child’s admission, and adults are free so this one is an excellent voucher. Warning…it so so big you might lose your kids in this one so dress them in bright colours….I’m not kidding, lol.

There are many other places that I love too, but these are my favourites and the ones I am keen to get to each year.

Honarable mentions also go to

20170303_121329 (2).jpg

Have you got a Small Ideas membership? What has been your favourite adventure? Let me know in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: I’m not paid in any way by Small Ideas, I just think it is awesome and worth you guys knowing about.


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