Newbridge Playground

Highgrove Estate
Newbridge Boulevard,
Clyde North VIC

Had to get out of the house today, so went to check out this cool park in Clyde North. It was my first time going someplace new with my toddler and my new baby so it was interesting to see what struck me now that I’m parenting with two and not one.

IMG_0599 (2)

You’ll spot this slide as soon as you turn down Newbridge road. It is very tall and is pretty special. The catch? There’s no easy way up it. Those stairs you can see are the easiest way up. My daughter couldn’t climb in unassisted as it was all a bit too high for her. So expect to help unless you child is a very confident climber or a good bit taller than mine (she’s about 90cm I think).

IMG_0589 (2)
Good luck

Great amount of swings at the playground though; two regular, one baby swing and one of the round ones. Something for everyone.


There’s a flying fox (soooo difficult to lift a child onto a flying fox when you’re babywearing the other one who is asleep), and this went really fast. I saw some dads go on it too with dragging their bums on the ground. Bonus.

IMG_0595 (2)

There are lots of places to sit, both shaded and in full sun. Unfortunately the shady seats are not super dooper close so you probably wouldn’t stay there to watch your kids. But there are BBQs so that’s good. But no toilets, so that sucks.


Also really great it the attached basketball courts and tennis courts. No one was there when we visited, but I imagine after school these might get a bit busy? There were really clean and well maintained.


All in all a great place to visit. There are a heap of small trees around so if you want to pop back in ten or twenty years I’m sure there will be plenty of shade. In the meantime…pack a hat and sunscreen and have a great time.

IMG_0608 (2)

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