Baby Spa Melbourne

1091 Stud rd.
Rowville, Victoria

A day spa for babies…. seriously! A few years ago a baby day spa opened in Perth that a few of my WA friends checked out… and I was jealous! Fast forward a few years and a baby spa has opened up in Rowville, just in time for the arrival of baby #2; my Baby Boo.


Just after she was two weeks old we went along to check it out for a bit of spa treatment. Each hour long session involves a hydrotherapy spa session followed by a massage. The staff give you a little questionnaire to fill in prior to starting just to fully tailor the experience to your bubs size, gestation and health needs. The girl who was responsible for Baby Boo’s treatment was a midwife so I felt really comfortable with her handling my new baby. Fun fact: I’m a midwife too, so we talked shop.


The spa centre was very clean and beautifully set up, I was super impressed. Given her age Baby Boo had her own bathing pod, but older babies will share (once they have had their immunizations). The water is nice and warm and the bath is deep enough that a baby won’t be able to touch the bottom if straight up and down.


The bigger baths can accommodate a few babies at a time, and again are super deep.


See those purple things? They are called a Bubby, a special baby floatation device. The Baby Day Spa website describes it by saying…

“The Bubby was developed for the safety and comfort of babies and was rigorously tested before it was certified by the authorities.  

The minimal weight of the Bubby allows baby to complete unhindered movement to enjoy a range of movement they otherwise could not experience.”


What I wanted to know was is it comfy for my baby and does it put pressure on her neck?

Was it comfy? Yeah, I think so given she fell straight asleep.

Did it put pressure on her neck? No. It is hard to describe the underneath of the purple ring, but it doesn’t go anywhere near the neck, but is resting under bub’s chin instead. It looked fiddly to put on but once it was on it was secure and looked good. It held her in a similar position to when you hold under the chin to burp a baby.

IMG_0068 (2)

She was relaxed and happy and stayed in the water for about ten minutes or so (but your session time allows up to 30 minutes).

Swim nappies are provided too!


The staff members stay close by to watch your baby and help keep them calm if needed. Parents are obviously watching on and encouraging their babies too.

IMG_0082 (2)

The Bubby ring was then removed and the staff member gave my girl a little bath in the water too. She was pretty relaxed! By the way, there’s nothing added to the water in the way of soaps or oils either so safe for all skin types and sensitive skin.

Next up was a massage, with local grapeseed oil (which smelt divine), and was a low allergen. Again, my Baby Boo slept through most of this.

IMG_0099 (2)

And then we were done!

So…. why would you do this? Besides being a bit of fun the baby day spa boasts many benefits, especially if you bring your baby back for return treatments to expand on their experience.

Some of the benefits include:

  • That hydrotherapy supports mental and physical development
  • Help to improve their balance and coordination
  • Muscular and skeletal strength is increased through the water’s gentle resistance
  • Helping to move wind for those reflux/chucky babies.


For all the details about cost click here, but prices start from $85 with gift vouchers available too.

We had a great time at the Baby Day Spa in Rowville and would love to return. My daughter loved it and I think most mums would relish this experience with their new baby. Babies up to six months are welcome for treatments. Try it for yourself and see.

Oh, and while you’re there check out the awesome gift area..  so many lovely things to browse while awaiting your bub’s spa session.


Thanks for having us Baby Day Spa, we had a great day out!

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