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Splashland has arrived in back in Melbourne, and I was really excited to attend. However long time blog followers would know that I was pregnant and gave birth unexpectedly early, so my good friend Katy went to check out Splashland on my behalf… #jealous.

Katy says…..

Splashland is a pop up inflatable world for kids mainly (but adults too) to slide and splash throughout Melbourne’s Summer. This year it has popped up at Caulfield racecourse. I attended with my sister and three kids between us, all primary school aged.


We loved it!!! The kids all had an amazing time.

Some of the things we liked…

The Slides

Our kids loved the speed racer the best; super fast and great for that competitive child (we all know one, don’t we?). When we visited we found the lines were about five minutes long so really manageable for young kids.


Capped sessions
I think part of the reason the lines were really ok was the fact that the session time slots are capped, as in they sell out. Limited tickets to each session obviously helps to keep the numbers at a safe level but also gives all the kids plenty of sliding time.

Easy signage.
Each ride is allocated a colour on what age gap is and isn’t allowed on; green for 3-5, blue for 5-12 and the two ‘giant ’ slides that are height restricted! Enough to keep us busy for the 3hr slot! Splashland is most suited for the 5-12 year old age bracket.


Great staff too.
We had to ask staff a few things throughout the day and they were all super friendly and helpful.


Some things we would like to see next year….

On the Splashland website it mentions that there is secure storage but I couldn’t see it during our visit. Some lockers or more casual, available storage so I can slide too (without wondering if my stuff my get pinched) would have been appreciated.

There were two food trucks available (one even had booze), but we were disappointed to see these ended at the same time the rides ended. We would have loved an extra 30 minutes of food time at the end just to regroup with an ice-cream and a drink to have while packing up.


Other stuff worth knowing….

  • Some rides you can’t go on with your kids. Definitely have a good read through the website and decide if your child/children will be confident to ride without you for certain elements. You can find more info here
  • Pre-booking is highly recommended as sessions do sell out
  • Pack your sunscreen, it is an entirely outdoor activity.

I took a little video too… you can check it out over on the Anyday Adventure Facebook page


Splashland finishes up on January 24th so check it out before it’s gone!! We had a blast and would highly recommend it for families of primary school aged kids.

26971913_10155995992240995_238033378_o (2)

Thanks for sharing Katy, I can’t wait to take my girls when Splashland returns next year.

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