Toddlers and the Trunki Toddlepak Backpack

Toddlepak Backpack

Missy Moo is off to three year old kinder next year, and we’re both super excited. Up until now she has not ever been to day care or anything like that so hasn’t really had the need for a bag of her own…but that’s all about to change.

I was wanting a bag that my toddler could use easily, that was light, but most importantly was durable enough to last her kinder years.

Recently Trunki brought out a new range of children’s backpacks and I was really keen to check them out. We have a traditional Trunki suitcase (read more about that here) so I already knew that Trunki made great kids products that last.

Anyway my “Simba” obsessed daughter (Simba = all things lion) was beyond thrilled when her new backpack arrived. I’ll run you through a few aspects that I really loved!

IMG_8596 (2).JPG

It is small, so perfect for small toddlers to kinder aged children. Missy Moo is 11kg and 86cm tall, and fits mostly size 1-2 clothes for an idea of how this fits on her.

24819165_10155081073915983_1364377241_o (2).jpg

The straps are adjustable and there’s a clip on the front to help balance the weight from her shoulders and stop it from sliding off. It took a couple of wears for her to learn how to do this clip herself. It is my favourite feature!

24651094_10155081074725983_1302425104_o (2).jpg
Sorry for awful photo, she was trying to steal the phone, haha

The zips are chunky, heavy duty and toddler friendly. The bag has two compartments (one big and one small) and Missy Moo could navigate both with ease. Check out the grab handle too, love love love that! The little Simba arms on the front are so a favourite toy or doll can hitch a ride too!

IMG_8619 (2).JPG

Inside the bag is very basic. No secret compartments to grow mould or hide parent information letters, just a big open space and an area to write her name on the bag. Perfect.

IMG_8621 (2).JPG

One more feature worth noting is the drink bottle spot on the side. Fits our kids sized water bottles easily and again, it was nice to see my daughter could get it in and out on her own.


Oh and one last thing….they even glow/illuminate in the dark! Hard to photograph but very obvious in person.


We’ve had this bag for three months now so have given it a really good test. I have to say that I/we love it. Friends of mine are now accustomed to seeing Missy Moo in her “Simba” backpack and she wears it proudly and often. I love that she can open, close, put on, take off, get her water and everything entirely solo as I feel like that’s a good skill in packing her bag for kinder and just generally having increased independence.

The Toddlepak comes in five different designs so hopefully your child will fall in love with their own backpack too. The retail for $39.95 and there is currently a free shipping promotion until Christmas.


For more info check out the Trunki facebook page  for more specials and great products.

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