Playdays in Sandringham

247 Bay Road,
Sandringham, Vic

Playdays is unlike most other children’s play spaces that I had encountered before; unique and a bit special. A play space set up inside an indoor sports centre with activities specifically aimed at preschool aged children.

IMG_9449 (2)

It was actually a little similar to the set up that we had when Missy Moo used to do Gymbaroo with her Grandma. Pretend play elements, train tracks, jumping castles and even a few magnetic puzzles were all available for the pre-schoolers to play with and come and go as they please.

IMG_9431 (2)

If you come expecting a traditional play centre vibe you’ll be disappointed, as Playdays isn’t really trying to compete with places like that. Instead you’ll feel comfortable having a cuppa while toddlers go crazy in the securely gated play space that doesn’t have anything too dangerous or tricky, but is still stimulating for their young minds. My friend’s son spent about ten minutes just pushing around a kid’s shopping trolley picking up stray balls…wonderful.

IMG_9448 (2)

The café has a small but adequate range for snacks and lunch (toasties etc) and we found overall the pricing was great ($3.50 for a scone with jam and cream… yes please). Babychinos came with a little cookie during our visit; the kids were impressed.

IMG_9428 (2)

Should you have younger children/babies there is a contained “baby” area too, with some younger kid toys. I liked that there were tables set up super close to this so parents could dump, relax and coffee and be only a metre away. Of course, they could certainly hop in if they wanted, and many did.


0 to 8 Months $1.00
8 Months to 2 Years $7.00
2 Years to a maximum of 5 Years $11.00

Want it cheaper?

  • Check out Small Ideas, which provides discounts to heaps of kid friendly places around Melbourne.
  • Become a club member. It is free to join and you’ll save $1 per child, per visit. Join here

IMG_9438 (2)

My friend and I, and the three kids we brought along, all had a great time at Playdays. There was great aircon, plenty of tables and chairs, high chairs, changing facilities, clean toilets and fast service from the café. If you have a pre-schooler at home this is definitely worth a visit. And the best part? No big kids to worry about!

IMG_9441 (2)

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