Enchanted Adventure Gardens


55 Purves Rd,
Arthur’s Seat

What a beautiful day out that we had at the Enchanted Adventure Gardens in Arthur’s Seat. We visited as two couples, with four kids between us; ranging from toddlers to school aged. It was a bit wet and windy when we visited but that didn’t dampen our fun, and there was still heaps to do.

IMG_9351 (2)

We started the day at the Children’s Maze. I was expecting this maze to be low to the ground (as above), but quite the opposite. It is very tall, with fun little places to find as you walk through it.


We found statues, a beach house, a fairy garden and lots of other little surprises too within the maze.

IMG_9245IMG_9248 (2)

After that the rain set in, so we retreated to the café for coffee and shelter. The service was pretty quick and the prices really reasonable.


Then we were on to the tube slides…the part we were all most excited about! There were a few to choose from and we all had a go. The toddlers needed laps to go on, but the bigger kids with us could ride alone if they wanted to, or with an adult. The tube slides are included in the general admission and you can do it as many times as you want. I dare say some kids could spend many hours on the tube slides no worries. There are picnic tables right next to them too, so parents can get comfy!

IMG_9275 (2).JPG
That’s me and Missy Moo flying down there…
IMG_9308 (2).JPG
And having a turn with Dad!

Right by the tube slides are a few other sorts of mazes too; a tyre maze and a rock maze. These are both low to the ground and perfect for problem solving or just having a play.

IMG_9344IMG_9342 (2)

We didn’t get to all the attractions (because with two toddlers we were walking pretty slowly), but that just gives us a great excuse to return! Some other features of the Enchanted Adventure Gardens (within the general admission price) include more mazes, a kids obstacle course, some brain teasers, and a spooky 3d maze!

Hang on though….what if you don’t have toddlers, and you whip through all the activities pretty quickly? But wait…there’s more…

There is tree surfing and a super long zip line to check out. Both of these looked really fun, safe, and perfect for your primary school aged kids and up. I’ve tree surfed before, and thought this set up just looked amazing. I was a little jealous to not be having a turn #pregnant.

IMG_9352 (2)

The zip line ticket gets you two rides on a zip line; 170m followed by an 100m ride. These zoom over the gardens and the lake and I bet give you spectacular views of the entire park grounds.

IMG_9328 (2)

IMG_9336 (2)
See all the tubes in the background?

We found there was enough to do without the extras, but judge it based on your kids ages and interests. There are plenty of beautiful gardens to explore, lovely statues and even a tree top canopy walk to enjoy, so lots to see for locals and tourists alike.

IMG_9360 (2)IMG_9363 (2)


There’s a bunch of packages etc…for up to date pricing click here

Get it cheaper?


It was my first visit the Enchanted Adventure Gardens and I really enjoyed the day. Pack a picnic, keep an eye on the weather and you’ll have a wonderful time.


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