Casey Central Park

Narre Warren-Cranbourne rd,
Narre Warren, Vic
(across the road from Casey Central Shopping Centre)

This park has been recently updated and reopened and I was keen to check it out. Close to shops (coffee), toilets, BBQs and shade I had pretty high expectations. After all, the City of Casey have delivered some pretty fabulous playgrounds in the last few years (Megasaurus, Heathland circuit and Truemans to name a few).

On first impressions I was really impressed. There was an excellent toddler climbing area, separate big kid bits, shady seated areas… fantastic. We made a bee line for the toddler area, complete with an easier rock climbing wall that my two year old could crack.

IMG_9198 (2)IMG_9191 (2)

You can see there’s a toilet block in the background so this was great that it was nice and close. Lots of elements going on in this piece of equipment and it kept my daughter happy for ages between the rock climbing wall and the slides.

For youngsters, there is also a sandpit with a few attached scoops and things to spin.

IMG_9209 (2)

For the bigger kids there’s this awesome rock climbing wall and slide set up….but did you look closely at the slide? Because I didn’t until we climbed that hill…. #slidefail

I contacted the council and they confirmed it has been closed due to vandalism and will be replaced with a new slide. Pretty disappointing though. The rock climbing wall, however, is still great!

IMG_9203 (2)

Some other elements around the playground included a variety of swings,  climbing frame, see saw thing….

IMG_9202 (2)IMG_9206 (2)IMG_9197 (2).JPG

….as well as a few things that I just had no idea what they were for…

IMG_921423261747_10155008501560983_868855290_o (2)

I guess overall when you attend this playground just be prepared for some great play spaces, but unfortunately a bit of litter and vandalism. . The toilets weren’t in great condition and the slide was heavily covered in graffiti.

There’s some shade, but only over the seats and not over the play spaces which is a bit disappointing. We will try this one again in a few months time once the new slide is in and give it another chance. Meanwhile, I give it a 7/10. Hopefully the council can step up the security and cleaning and make this place fantastic for all.

IMG_9210 (2)

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