Decorate a donut at Donutopia!

(Also another store in South Yarra)

I’m a donut lover… I donut deny it. We don’t have donuts or sweet treats very often, because I have a toddler and I’m not crazy about her being on a sugar high, but when we indulge, we indulge in style!

During the School Holidays there are often “decorate your own donuts” events on throughout Melbourne, but these always book up in advance, and run only on specific times and days.

Imagine my happiness to discover Donutopia in Pakenham, a place you can go to decorate your own donuts any day of the week, and open until late each night! We were off to try them out.

Check out a little video below…

Donutopia has a bunch of gourmet donuts in addition to the make your own range. There are apple crumble ones, some filled with Nutella and even salted caramel but it was the decorating donuts that I was keen to try.

IMG_9071 (2)

So you start with an original glaze donut and choose one of three hot toppings to cover it in; sticky strawberry jam, white chocolate or Nutella. Both mine, and my friend’s toddler opted for white chocolate, so it was laden on nice and thick!

IMG_9035 (2)

Then the toppings! You can choose five toppings from the selected sweet treats, and the staff told me that these are rotated around so you may not always see the same things. How great, a new donut every time!

IMG_9033 (2)

It was a pretty indulgent morning tea, and between myself and my toddler we couldn’t get through one donut, so order conservatively, especially if you have kids with you.

IMG_9050 (2)

Cost: $7.50 for a create your own donut

Want it cheaper?

  • Check out Scoopon. There’s a few Donutopia deals on at the moment.

Other things to note:

I hoped that Donutopia would be a great kid friendly place to go, but unfortunately it lacked a couple of things that would make life easier with a toddler.

  1. No toilets. Missy Moo loudly proclaimed she needed to wee during our visit, but the staff told me there were no toilets we could use. Fortunately I still carry a potty in the car, but really that wasn’t ideal.
  2. No high chairs presently (although staff tell me that this is in the pipeline).

But the real thing you want to know? How was the donut? It was fresh and delicious. Full of sugar, and incredibly amazing. I snacked on cucumbers when I got home, haha.

IMG_9052 (2)

Check out Donutopia for youself and have fun creating your own masterpiece!

IMG_9053 (2)

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