Lightning McQueen at the Supercars

Lightning McQueen and Mack the Transporter are travelling around the country as part of the Disney Pit Stop with the Supercars; a not to be missed family event. To be honest, I don’t know anything about racing, or Supercars, but I love Disney and my daughter Missy Moo loves the Pixar Cars films.

IMG_8394 (2).JPG
Don’t let the sunshine fool you, it was very muddy.

We attended at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne, but the Disney Pit Stop set up is the same wherever it is touring throughout the country. In fact, it is one of the many side attractions at the Supercars besides the main races…there’s actually heaps of things to see.

IMG_8442 (2).JPG

Within the Disney Pit Stop there are six attractions. We were handed this helpful checklist card (below) and were encouraged to get a stamp at each activity within the pit stop. After that, you could enter to win your own App Enable Ultimate Lightning McQueen! My toddler loved collecting the stamps diligently at each of the activity stations.

IMG_8402 (2).JPG

First stop for us was to meet Lightning and Mack! Both were incredibly detailed and just as if they had jumped straight out of the movie. We spent a while here snapping photos and the staff were excellent in answering the kids questions about Lightning too…was very cute.

IMG_8465 (2).JPG

Next stop and we were off to the Crazy Eights Track, to race away on scooters. I went with a friend and both our two year olds weren’t naturally fast scooters, but the staff ensured we had a race of just little kids to keep it fun for all.

IMG_8415 (2)
Ready, set, GO!
IMG_8446 (2)
Big kids turn

Toddler time out….it was time for a snack. You can BYO picnic lunch or there’s a few standard food trucks around selling hot chips, coffee, ice-cream and all that jazz.

Back in Radiator Springs and it was time to try our luck at the Pit Stop Challenge. This was a timed trial against another team to be the fastest pit stop crew in the whole valley! Most teams seemed to be two to four participants; some with adults and some just groups of kids together.

IMG_8418 (2)

Your task was to attach puzzle pieces to the car, attach the four wheels, then drive it (lift it) over the finish line. We were very slow, but we finished it, two mums and two toddlers. There were many enthusiastic dads hustling for a fast time in this activity!


After we got the adrenaline pumping it was time for something a bit quieter, so we went for a sit in Mater’s Workshop. In the workshop were a few colouring in activities, and basic craft supplies. There was minimal guidance, so it was really a child led crafting area in Cars theming. The toddlers were really happy here, and this was really the only area of the pit stop that lacked a significant queue in the busiest part of the day.


After a lunch stop it was time for our final two activities. At the Racing Centre you could get your own official Cars themed drivers licence made up on the spot. There were a few characters to choose from, and they only took a few minutes to make. Here’s mine….

Last stamp for us to collect was from the inflatables station…basically a Lightning McQueen themed jumping castle/slide. The kids enjoyed it, and there was a staff member there supervising to keep groups small and the play safe.


So that just about rounds up the Disney Cars Pit Stop. There were a few other elements throughout the day; some little competitions,  Mack’s body became a stage for a little bit of natter from some of the staff inviting kids up onto stage for a few activities and the like, and many photo opportunities.

IMG_8445 (2).JPG

After all the Cars action, if you are keen to see more there is obviously the races, many regular and fancy cars to go and look at, and even a few army tankers! If your kids love all things with wheels then they will be in heaven. Don’t forget to make time for the motorbike show too!

IMG_8424 (2)IMG_8433 (2)IMG_8469

We had an awesome time at the Supercars and look forward to returning again next year. FYI we had “trackside” tickets which were the cheapest ones that get you in to see all the Disney Pixar Cars action at Radiator Springs.

Hope you get to meet Lightning and Mack when they visit your home town….. Ka-Chow!

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