Date Crate: think inside the box

How do you go with going on dates at your house? For us, there is often lots of “Where should we go?” “Nah, I don’t want to go there” or “Let’s not waste our date night on that….” etc. We seldom bother. Not because we don’t have an available babysitter (thanks Grandma) but because after the busyness of day to day life unfortunately going out on a date night, for us at least, often falls into the too hard basket.

Enter Date Crate.


I heard about Date Crate a while ago and thought it would be a fun “date” to try in September…the month of our wedding anniversary. The concept is pretty simple, a date night in a box! It is a monthly subscription, or you can buy a one off box to try it out.

Sooo… our box arrived in September and I was quite impressed, all the thinking was done for me…which shockingly is the part about date nights that is always a road block for us; the coming up with ideas beyond the same old same old.

The Date Crate comes with a few activities which are cohesive and well thought out, not simply chucked together, as well as some snacks and other goodies. Our date took around two and a half hours to complete, so it was essentially our night’s entertainment taken care of…no thinking required!


So our “date” was about reconnecting as a couple, and having a laugh while we were at it. Both my husband and I agreed that alcohol would have made this date a bit more fun and a little less awkward, but I’m pregnant so that wasn’t going to happen.

Our activities included a card game, recipes to make your own massage oils, a guide to massaging one another, some snacks and some questions/conversation starters to talk about some topics that maybe you might not have discussed in some time. I don’t believe all crates are this sexual, it was just the September special, haha.


Literally everything you could need to make kissable massage oil was in the box too; there were even pens for labelling and a new towel, woo hoo!


We finished off with our question session, a cup of tea and a cookie…yum!


For us, the biggest hurdles with date nights are motivation, babysitters, and coming up with ideas. The Date Crate ticked off all three hurdles, plus included cookies…so that always helps. We could have our “date” while Missy Moo slept without having to go anywhere or organise anyone else.

Now I’ll be honest, it took a few weeks of solid pestering to get my husband to entertain this idea, he was a bit unsure about the whole thing. But I can safely say once I convinced him to give it a chance he had a blast. If anyone else has a grumpy hubby, they might even like it too!

Boxes start from about $45 per month but for more information about costs and subscription packages click here. Is it worth the price? I think so. Similar price to a movie date with popcorn, but that is pretty mundane in comparision and doesn’t really let you grow as a couple. Speaking of which, the November theme is “Growing Together”.

Happy date night!


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Disclaimer: I requested a box from Date Crate for the purposes of a romantic review. The views above are my own.

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