Chipmunks in Cranbourne

398 South Gippsland Hwy,
Cranbourne, Vic
(In the home makers centre)

Chipmunks Cranbourne is a relatively new play centre (opened in 2015) in the Homemakers Centre in Cranbourne, and one that we have visited frequently in that time. As a stand alone place to play, it is pretty great…clean, well set out, spacious… but there are a few other things that really set this place apart from other play centres near by.

Epic toddler zone!!!
Some indoor play centres chuck in a ball pit and a ride on toy or two and call it a toddler zone. Now sure, this might be ok for a while, but our toddlers deserve just as much fun and challenge as the big kids too. If you have a little adventurer they will love the toddler area at Chipmunks.

22163760_10154937579865983_1133076985_o (2).jpg

Yep… just for toddlers, amazing right! That boat even rocks ever so gently. Check it out…

There’s a baby zone too!
So don’t worry about your real littlies getting trampled in the toddler zone, there’s a baby area just for them too.

22171556_10154937579940983_514912693_o (2).jpg

The big kids areas.
Don’t worry, big kids are well catered for at Chipmunks too. Trampolines, mega slides, jumping castles, ball pits, and those spider web climbing things that are basically kryptonite to mums (well me anyway).  I like how transparent it all is. Very easy design to be able to keep an eye on your kids.

22163796_10154937579970983_558942406_o (2)22140520_10154937579895983_191599918_o (2)

19048347_10154937579880983_730622039_o (2)
The hardest thing in the world!

The food!
But actually the reason I like this place is the food, and the options for kids to get regular food that isn’t deep fried. Yay! Sure there are nuggets and stuff too, but my girl loves fruit and a jam sandwich.

IMG_8703 (2)

Want some extra special food? You’re in luck. Housed within the same building as Chipmunks is the Thyme Out Coffee. You can purchase food from their awesome café and bring it right into Chipmunks. I’m talking bacon and eggs, loaded wedges, delicious slices and cakes, and crazy shakes!! Here’s one of my favourite things to order…the funky fruit crazy juice!!


Messy Play.
Not technically at Chipmunks but at Thyme Out next door there are messy play sessions running throughout the morning. So if you like a messy play followed by some play centre fun then Chipmunks will be a great fit for you. You can read more about the messy play sessions here.

Other stuff.

Cost (weekend and school holidays)
1 – 2 Years $10.90
3 – 11 Years $13.90
Visit on a School Day and the price is $10.90 for everyone.

Great baby changing facilities, and the disable toilets have a potty seat too!

All in all a great play centre for all ages…we love it!

IMG_8711 (2)

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