Pixel Playcentre and Cafe


49 Cameron Street
Cranbourne, Victoria

Woo hoo, a brand new play centre has arrived in Cranbourne. Clean, shiny and with a wood fire to boot I think this place is going to go really well for the local community and beyond.

Tucked away off Cameron St, it is a little hard to spot…so look for number 49. Pixel Playcentre is set back off the main road a hundred metres or so, with heaps of free parking.


Once you get inside you’ll see lots of play spaces for young ones, to older kids alike. I spotted the wood fire straight away, how lovely!


Interestingly this play centre is carpeted…so far it is nice and clean, but I do wonder how it will go long term. It certainly made for a nice change though relaxing by the fire on a comfy couch with a cheeky chai while Missy Moo was off playing.


FYI until September 29th, Pixel have a promotion where you get free cake with any hot drink ordered… I got the choice between banana bread and a blueberry muffin. Yummo!

Anyway, what about the play? Well there’s a knight’s castle by the main entrance, a great soft play toddler zone, the main component of the play centre, which was *just* too tricky for my shorty daughter to climb (I think she’s 82cm), but really clean and well thought out.

21908081_10154914658390983_51944229_o21931609_10154914658370983_744847982_oIMG_8502 (2)

There were a heap of ride on toys scattered throughout the centre too, which the kids seemed to love scooting about on. Missy Moo liked these horses once she got the knack of how to ride them.

IMG_8486 (2)

Pixel has a quality that I love in a play centre; the ability to see your child almost anywhere through the venue… means less hunting for them and more time for coffee, lol. But seriously, it is nice to be able to keep an eye on them, especially little ones.

The café lunch range is  great, but I’d love to see a few more morning tea choices joining the ranks. Hopefully this will come as the centre becomes more established (it is less than a month old).

IMG_8507 (2)


Weekdays entry price is $10
Weekends, public & school holidays entry price is $13.
Any children under 12 months old as well as adults are FREE!

Want it cheaper?

  • Small Ideas voucher book offers one free entry per month for the entire year…. amazing!

Other stuff…

  • Toilets were clean and there was a nice separate baby changing room too

IMG_8508 (2).JPG

Overall we had a really good time at Pixel and will be back, probably once a month the entire year….especially this month to grab that free cake by the roaring fire!

IMG_8506 (2)

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