The Wiggles: Nursery Rhymes (A Movie Review)

Showing at Vjunior Southland and Fountain Gate as well as regular Village Cinemas too.


The Wiggles are back on the big screen, and I couldn’t have been more excited to take my daughter along. For a limited time only The Wiggles are singing their favourite nursery rhymes at Village Cinemas, with a little bit extra thrown in.

We went to watch it at Vjunior Fountain Gate because a) Vjunior is awesome and the chairs are super comfy and b) tickets to see the Wiggles are only $13 for adults, and under threes are free (provided they sit on a lap or there is a vacant seat)…winning! Read more about these child friendly cinemas here.

After a couple of previews for the new Barbie and Shopkins movies our favourite nursery rhymes started on the big screen. And here they are, in their entirety… not even kidding.

This video is from the official Wiggles YouTube channel, so it is freely available. In fact you may have even seen it, one or one hundred times. Missy Moo had seen this video, more than once, so why would I feel compelled to take her to the cinemas? Well… because I knew she would love it. I knew she would sit through it. I knew she’d have a great time. Maybe you feel the same way?

Now this “movie” doesn’t take up 70 minutes, so what else is going on? Enter part two….CinderEmma!

CinderEmma is a filmed stage show of the beloved story of Cinderella, but with Emma Wiggle playing the lead role, and Lachy Wiggle as Prince Curlylocks. Anthony, Simon and Captain Feathersword also feature as well as a few dancers, musicians and new friends. There’s even a bit of a cameo from Anthony’s children if you know who to look for. Dororthy, Wags and Henry do not feature in this part of the show, and actually Dororthy and Henry weren’t in the nursery rhymes part either, just FYI.

In our cinema the CinderEmma show was a bit hit and miss. This could be because it was after the kids had already sat still for a while and were getting “wiggly”, or perhaps it was less familiar to them and couldn’t hold their attention. It contained a few songs, but overall was mostly the storyline of Cinderella, with a few little Wiggly quirks thrown in. Snacks helped, lol.

Overall, Missy Moo and I had a great time at The Wiggles: Nursery Rhymes and wouldn’t hesitate to encourage you to go along too if you have a Wiggle fan at home. If Vjunior Southland (click for blog) and Fountain Gate (click for blog) are near you then definitely see it there. Slides, intermission, and low to the ground comfy seats you can’t go wrong.

Btw… if you’re keen you can buy Wiggly Nursery Rhymes here and CinderEmma here


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