Braiding Workshop at Amazing Toys

45 Mornington-Tyabb Rd,
Mornington VIC

Hair stuff has never come naturally to me. I was never someone who enjoyed plaiting my friends hair growing up, or even really doing my own. I’ve rocked the mum pony the last two and a half years, occasionally chopping it short enough to not even bother with that, so you could say that hair is not my strong suit.


However, I have a daughter who was born with lots of hair…maybe a good inch or so at birth and never lost it. Now at two and a half her hair is well below her shoulders and she loves getting it done, so naturally I needed a little help in that department.

Enter Amazing Toys in Mornington. This “toy shop” is actually a jack of all trades store; with hairdressing, kids parties, music classes, ballet and even a fairy story time session every week! I visited to attend the relatively new “Become a Braider” workshop.

IMG_8211 (2)

The workshops last for 75 minutes and cover three basic braiding types; French, Dutch and Fishtail braids. If there’s time you might also learn one or two extra styles/placements too. There were four students in our workshop learning to braid, so we all had plenty of individual attention and chances to ask questions.


I attended a workshop with my daughter, and on arrival this seemed to catch the staff off guard. They didn’t mind that she came along, but said they would have preferred a heads up. So, if you plan to take your kid/s along, please let the staff know when booking in.

Anyway, on to the workshop! We started practising basic plaits first and getting used to our “models” who could be a little wobbly!


First up was the French braid. I was actually surprised how easy it was just by having someone show you, rather than trying to watch it on YouTube. It also really helped to be learning on a mannequin rather than a squirmy toddler!


Then we did the Dutch braid, which sits a little higher off the scalp but is done in a very similar fashion.

Single or double style (below)

Fishtail was last and definitely the easiest but most time consuming style. I’m not sure if Missy Moo would sit still long enough for this braid at the moment (unless she had an epic bribe).


Our class was getting through everything pretty quickly so we finished up by learning about headband braids; a look I really love. I can’t wait to try this one out on Missy Moo.


I really loved the class and it was just what I needed. I found the styles easy to do, but the teacher was also great at explaining each step to us which helped. Missy Moo sat still for the entire class; just requiring a snack box, a toilet trip, a lollipop and about ten minutes of Peppa Pig on the phone. I was pretty impressed with her so she also scored a new toy from the toy shop (and she chose a super cheap Merida figurine, yay).

She put her own shoes on at home. Not only did I not notice she didn’t select matching ones, I also didn’t notice that they were both the right side shoes. I even congratulated her for putting her own shoes on, haha. #missymooshoes

So, if you’re wondering, does this actually work on a real toddler? Here’s my attempt at the end of the class (with sparkles!). This is meant to be a French braid. I’m pretty happy with my first go, and hope to improve with practice.

IMG_8231 (2).JPG

At the end of the class we all got a little show bags containing new comb, some delicious goodies, and an instruction booklet in case we forget all the braiding styles. I thought that was a nice touch.


The workshop was $30 which I felt was excellent value. To book simply call Amazing Toys on 5976 8889 and they’ll book you in. I loved it and I’m sure you will too!


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