Free Babychinos of Melbourne

I love a freebie; especially when it makes my daughter happy too. I recently put out a blog piece about all the places in Melbourne where kids eat and play for free (find it here) and now I’m letting you know all the places I know of to nab a free babychino.

All of the places mentioned below will provide a free babychino when a regular coffee/hot drink is purchased. Just click on the title of each café to find out more.

Please note: This list is subject to change but it is correct at time of publishing (Sep 2017)


Chain Stores
Find these places all over the country. You’re welcome!

  • Bunnings Warehouse, various locations
    Some Bunnings stores can be a goldmine for parents; play areas, free kids craft activities, on site cafes, and even free babychinos! Complete your visit with a sausage in bread! Find your closest store here
  • Gloria Jeans, various locations
    This is our favourite spot for a freebie (at Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre). Always lots of marshmallows and quick service. It helps that our local shops have a play area too. Find your local store here
Missy Moo patiently waiting for her chino fix
  • The Coffee Club, various locations
    Some stores even sell their own version of reusable cups…even in babychino (espresso) size! For your local store click here
  • Hudson Coffee, various locations
    With 16k likes on facebook they must be doing something right. Find your local Hudsons here
  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, various locations
    These little bakeries are franchises, so you might find some do charge you. But fingers crossed they all agree that babychinos should be free! To find your local store click here
  • The Jolly Miller Cafés, various locations
    I haven’t been to any of these cafes yet, but man the food looks good. Have you been?
  • Brunetti, various locations
    Free babychinos, obviously, but also a great place to pick up a sweet treat! Find your local store here10942325_872494429470724_2652535177349073656_oIndependent Stores
    It is great to have so many coffee chains helping us to save a buck but what about the little guys? Here’s a few places that some of the Anyday Adventures followers love…if you know any others please let me know at the bottom of the page.
  • Bubble Beans – BB café/restaurant, Chelsea
    Fellow adventurer Mel W. reckons these free babychinos are the best out there. They come in a normal adult sized cup, full of sprinkles and marshmallows!

    Thanks Mel for this cute snap!
  • Eira Café Lounge Bar, Eltham
    Fancy food and coffee right by Eltham Station.
  • Brother Nancy, Footscray
    In this Herald Sun article, Brother Nancy owner says it is “ridiculous” to charge for a babychino, and that they “never have and never will”. That’s what we like to hear. Read the full article here
Photo from Herald Sun
  • Wee Jeanie, Yarraville
    Haven’t been over here myself but check out this review from fellow blogger The Only One Label
  • Little Sheepish Café, Chelsea
    This Alice in Wonderland themed café has free parking (by Woolworths) and a play area for kids. Hooray!
Photo from the Little Sheepish Facebook page
  • Sooki Lounge, Belgrave
    Wednesdays to Fridays check out Sooki’s Baby Brunch!! Looks great20525836_863911843766381_3951086219630259244_n.jpg
  • Heart and Soul, Hurstbridge
    I haven’t been myself but internet reviews speak of it’s great courtyard for kids and free babychinos
  • Cookies and Co, Flinders
    A shop that sells coffee, cookies and cookie dough to take home. Yum
  • Doyle and Sons, Spotswood
  • Candied, Spotswood
    As Aussie bakery with an American twist…yummo
  • Chase, Spotwood
    Hard to find but apparently great when you get there. Thanks for the tip off adventurer Penny!
  • Redstar Coffee, Port Melbourne
    Served in a real espresso glass or in a cup with a straw and includes marshmallows!

Did I miss your favourite place? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it on. Thanks for reading and happy babychino sampling!


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6 thoughts on “Free Babychinos of Melbourne

  1. Red Star Roasters in Port Melbourne do a free Baby Chino in either a take away cup and straw for messy drinkers or espresso glass. Marshmallow included!


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