SuperZu Playcentre and Cafe

362-364 Boundary Road,

SuperZu is one of the biggest and best playcentres in Melbourne, and we absolutely love it. Heavily decked out in jungle theming this play space has so much to do you could easily spend a day here, no worries.

The floor area itself is 2270m2 (humongous) and the play area spans three levels with all the normal play centre jazz plus a couple of less common extras like…..

The Volcano!


This slippery, inflatable climbing challenge keeps kids and adults entertained for ages. You can climb with or without the white “rocks”, but it is near impossible to get much distance up the volcano in just your socks. However, sliding back down is half the fun. The slide is huge, these photos don’t do it justice, and it is super fast!

The Tubby Slide.

IMG_8159 (2).JPG

Drag your tube to the top, jump in and slide down. I put Missy Moo on my lap, but I think a confident two or three year old could probably manage this one solo (might just require help getting the tube up the hill).

The Trampolines!

IMG_8167 (2)

There are a few trampolines spread throughout SuperZu, but in particular I liked that they were high up off the ground (but yet still enclosed and safe). Was nice to have a jump with a view. Can you spot one in the photo above?

The Jungle theming.

IMG_8162 (3)

Lions and tigers and bears….oh my! So many animals everywhere you turn in SuperZu. The theming is really timeless and would appeal to most kids. Love it.

The Toddler Area.


Fenced and fabulous! This is a really large toddler space complete with ball bit, balloon air chamber (on the right…I’m not sure why there’s no balloons in it when I took this pic, there were plenty during the time we visited…hmmm), slides, and soft play equipment.


There are a few optional extras too if you are so inclined. You can ride safari cars or ride on safari animals for an extra $3. We didn’t do this, but it seemed popular amongst the older kids present during our visit.


There’s the café on site which was well priced, and had fast service and yummy food. I got the trio of dips (sorry was too hungry to remember to photograph #pregnantmumlife) and would highly recommend it! Coffee was good too, and the large sized is huge – just like everything else at SuperZu, haha.

The main thing to be really mindful of at SuperZu is you might lose your kids. I lost mine for about 5- 10 minutes, and although I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t super relaxed either. The facility is well fenced so kids can’t escape, but perhaps security could be better for such a large play venue. I think matching kid and parent wrist bands, as I have seen at other play centres, would be really appropriately for a place this large.



There are many different prices depending on entry times, days of the week, and the age of your child. Generally arriving before 9:30am gets you in for super cheap. For the full price list click here

Want it cheaper?

  • Small Ideas voucher book has a voucher for 1 x free entry…hooray!


Overall, myself and my daughter both enjoyed SuperZu immensely and would highly recommend. Check it out for yourselves….you won’t be disappointed.

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