Hicks Reserve

24 Chiswick Street,
Officer VIC 3809
(Just go up Timbertop boulevard and you’ll find it on your right)

This is an odd but cool little park. When you visit you will get the distinct impression the designers spent 90% of their budget on this amazing slide, but neglected to add in much else of substance. That said, the slide is super cool!


They even give it a black diamond rating for thrill seekers. For non skiers and boarders black diamond is the second most difficulty level on the slopes (only surpassed by a double black).


The view from the top is pretty nice and the climb to the top will test your hill climbing ability, haha. From the top you can look down to see what little else the playground offers. From left we have some decorative posts, a round swing, a two way talking/listening thing, a ride on horse and a seesaw. Out of view is also another much smaller slide.


And off we go down….. *feel free to turn on sound if you want cute toddler rambles*

Sooo….the slide is super awesome, but the rest is a little lacking. Luckily my daughter loves slides, but her friend we attended with does not…so it was a bit of a dud for her.

Missy Moo could tackle the smaller slide on her own without issue, but was a bit nervous for the bigger one. She really enjoyed both though and just wanted “more, more”.

IMG_8140 (2)

In addition to the play elements there are also some BBQs, and undercover seating. No toilets unfortunately (but a few trees to hide behind). There is also a large grassed area to kick a footy around right next to the playground.


Also worth noting is that this housing estate has it’s own café; The Timber Mill Café. Not close enough to walk too, but a great place to grab your coffee on route to the playground. I had a chai….it was yummy!

Overall…. if you like slides you will have a blast at this park. The big one is really heaps of fun and you get a great view from the top. Use your judgment though, if your child is a bit anti-slides I wouldn’t waste your time as there isn’t much else to do, except fight over the lonely swing.  I give it a 5.5/10 but wouldn’t return in a hurry unless we were nearby.


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