Clip ‘n Climb Berwick

39-51 Intrepid St,
Berwick VIC 3806

Man, indoor rock climbing has come a long way in the past decade. I was trying to remember the last time I went, I think it was back in high school (over fifteen years ago), when the walls were greyish with primary coloured rocks jutting out of them to climb on. You needed to work in pairs, and really trust the person you were working with to keep you safe.

Fast forward a few years and rock climbing at Clip ‘n Climb looks like this…


So bright and colourful, and so many climbing options. The other main difference? You use a safety device called a “Auto Belay” which means you don’t require a spotter. So if you want to visit with three kids and one adult you actually can watch everyone hands free!


There are balls to climbs (above), walls that spin, climbs done in the dark, poles to leap, and it is open to any age. The owner, Leanne, told me they often have climbers as young as two or three having a go.

Have a look at this little video I took….

When you book your climbing session you book in for a 1 hour time slot. Mid week isn’t too busy, but bookings are essential for weekends and school holidays.

Also within the climbing area, if you (or your child) are dare devils, is the vertical slide!! You get towed up the hill and then you let go when you are ready to free fall….no harness required, just a speed suit and a helmet (supplied).


If you have younger children who are less inclined to climb they are well catered for at Clip ‘n Climb with the Cheeky Monkey play area, especially for two to nine year olds. This area is essentially like a mini play centre but with an eight metre high climbing net in the middle that is really safe for little kids (and near impossible to climb if you are pregnant…..but I did try). There is no time limit in this area, so you can stay and play all day.


All those black belts move apart to climb through.

This safe climbing area was great for Missy Moo and I look forward to seeing how old she will be before she can master it. This visit (as a pretty average climber who is two and a half years old) she could get to the third level, but by then was struggling and needed help. Each level is the same difficulty, I think she just got tired.

The bottom of it is an inflatable area you can jump on; the lights flash about and she really enjoyed that too.


There’s a third element that we didn’t try at Clip ‘n Climb going overhead; the Sky Trail. Sky Trail is a ropes course 10 metres up in the air, with an attached flying fox element.

Anyone between 100cm and 120cm tall must have an adult with them on SkyTrail (they’re not permitted to climb alone) and climbers under 120cm tall are not permitted to ride SkyRail (the flying fox) at all. If you’re over 120cm go to town. So we skipped this feature, but will try it again another time. It looked really fun!



There’s quite a few different pricing options depending on what you are wanting to do. Each attraction (climbing walls, cheeky monkey play area and the ropes course) are charged individually with discounts if you want to do more that one element.

For up to date prices click here.


Other stuff….

  • There’s a cafe on site, so no BYO food. The coffee was good!
  • On Tuesdays they have a sensory friendly session from 11-12 and again from 6-7pm (excluding school holidays)
  • Change table and disable toilets….check


Overall I really liked Clip ‘n Climb in Berwick. The place was clean, the staff were friendly, but overall I really liked that it catered well for young and old. I can definitely see my husband taking Missy Moo here next year while I’m at home with baby #2.

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Just remember to book ahead, it gets busy!


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